Wrapper Engineer

Hey guys!

As the data proposal is almost done, @Kris s fully updated, and I am finishing a simple Jupyter with metrics Jordan wanted. I want to communicate that I got an important offer from Messari for a full-time position.

But the reality is that I like the Polywrap team and the project better, so I’ve wanted to ask if there is a mid/long-term chance to contribute.

Apart from data, I have been assisting with strategy and getting the Lens wrapper grant set up.

As data may not require us to have someone full-time for now, I would like to educate myself throughly (hopefully with Kris’s help) to become a Wrapper Engineer, as I think such expertise more valuable for Polywrap right now than a Data engineer.

And after getting good at building wrappers and understanding both ops and tech, I wanted to help more with strategy, being the bridge between both languages, which I think it could be really helpful.

I want to open this conversation to consider the possibilities and be more aware of what you guys think we can coordinate. I would consider any similar possibilities that allow us to establish a more stable commitment. So I know what to do with the offers that I have. For example, a part-time agreement for 5/6 months.

Hey @WHYTEWYLL, these are the long term roles the DAO is looking for right now: Polywrap Jobs

Please do apply to any of them that interest you!

Thanks for submitting this @WHYTEWYLL .

IMO, this person could be a power user of the polywrap development platform. Their 5-6 month project could include:

  • Working through the entire documentation and its guides
  • Building x number of wrappers per month
  • Sending feedback to polywrap engineers
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I think this sounds like a great role to have! Could maybe be called “QA Engineer”…?