WRAP-IOU & Service Agreements Proposal

Snapshot: Link


This proposal establishes a WRAP-IOU allocation framework and Services Agreement Template that create long-term alignment amongst contributors.


The total supply of WRAP-IOU is never to exceed 100,000.

For Purchasers: The amount of purchased WRAP-IOU (8,986 total) as of the date of this proposal will be doubled and each Purchaser will receive additional WRAP-IOU such that they will continue to own the same pro rata percentage of WRAP-IOU as agreed upon in the March 2022 token sale proposal, which assumed a supply of 50,000. No action is required of purchasers.

For Earners: Anyone who has continued to meaningfully contribute to the project since the last time they received WRAP-IOU will be able to create an individual proposal to have their earned WRAP-IOU doubled and allocated to them over time, provided that they continue to meaningfully contribute to the project going forward. The full terms for the doubling are outlined in the Services Agreement Template. In order to be considered for eligibility, follow the instructions below:

  1. Make a copy of the Services Agreement Template linked above.

  2. Fill out the details highlighted in yellow, export to PDF, and add your signature.

  3. Upload to Fileverse (token-gated storage)

  4. Connect the wallet with WRAP-IOU

  5. Upload the PDF

  6. Select “Set Access Rules” → “Use my NFT & Tokens” → Select “WRAP-IOU” → Change amount to 0.01 → “Save”

  7. Post the Fileverse URL in the thread below any time before Friday, April 14.

  8. Between April 14-17, create a Snapshot proposal linking to your Fileverse URL (limiting to this window allows voters to evaluate all the proposals in one batch)

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JureG’s: https://snapshot.org/#/polywrap.eth/proposal/0x225acf3670b7ae91901d30d4d20178880c3eff6e2fa0f5a84de4b7bd64f72c7b

Third time’s a charm.



Proposal: Snapshot

Emma: https://beta.fileverse.io/files/531cbd7e-8ebe-4d91-9b23-3d27ccddffaa

Updated with correct signing date:

New Fileverse link

Cancel & replace the previous agreement (error in the receiving address)

CIDT: Fileverse

Macroscape (Nathan Windsor): Fileverse