Tezos Integration - Grant Distribution


This proposal is to ratify the “acceptance” of BlockWatch’s submission for the “Tezos Integration Grant” that has been pre-approved here: Snapshot

Wallet Information

Vendor/Grantee Amount (WRAP-IOU) Wallet
BlockWatch 75 0x3fbf9efce4017b5e66a7c2456be04f9371afe5f4


The BlockWatch team has (IMO) gone above and beyond original expectations for this grant. They’ve successfully implemented:

  • Tezos Core Plugin
  • Tezos test environment
  • Tezos Domains Wrapper & Plugin
  • QuipuSwap (AMM) Wrapper
  • Hicetnunc (NFT Market) Wrapper
  • Harbinger (Oracle) Wrapper

Sources can be found here:

Transaction has been posted to safe at nonce 41: Gnosis Safe