SLA Proposal: Wrapper Persistence @

SLA - Wrapper Persistence @

This is a “Service Lifetime Agreement” that I am proposing the Polywrap DAO helps uphold. It will provide users clarity around how wrappers will be persisted by the service.


TODO: ratify this (and all future updates) via DAO vote on snapshot.


Wrapper Persistence - Wrappers will remain online and available for clients to download. The persistence nodes running at will be treated as the primary provider of said service.


Begin: Polywrap’s Origin Release
End: Undefined

Note: Polywrap DAO reserves the right to make any changes to this agreement but will provide a minimum of 90 days notice before doing so.


A. Deployment

Wrapper developer agrees to:

  • Post an IPFS hash to the service’s designated deployment endpoint.
  • IPFS hash must point to a valid wrapper (see definitions below).

In exchange, Polywrap DAO agrees to:

  • Make the wrapper located at the IPFS hash available for free at

B. IPFS Seeding agrees to publicly seed all of its indexed wrappers over the public IPFS P2P network. makes no availability guarantees for wrappers downloaded through 3rd party IPFS gateways.

C. Infrastructure Reimbursement

Polywrap DAO agrees to reimburse the infrastructure provider(s) of, with a maximum monthly budget of $2,000. Receipts (including proof of usage) will be required in order to claim reimbursement from the DAO.


Valid Wrappers

  1. < 10 mbs
  2. Valid manifest files
  3. Valid artifact files (wrap.wasm,, etc)
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Looks great and agree with the need for this. Could you include more details about how this would be achieved and the cost? i.e. is there a pinning service, cloud provider, etc. that the DAO needs to pay to pin the wrappers?

Hey @orishim, I’ve added a “Infrastructure Reimbursement” section to the agreement (section C). Thoughts?

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