[Recurring] Annual Foundation Professional Services

Foundation Professional Services


Polywrap DAO will be engaging various legal and professional service professionals as it relates to the foundation entity.

These services are required by law by Cayman entities and will be recurring fees. This proposal approves the recurring fees. Each year we estimate fees to be within +/- $2,000 of the amounts shown below.

Overview of Services Performed and Price

Payee Services Price Wallet
Silverside Management Registered office, secretary to the foundation 6,558 0x5856a5Ee6a15e35A373A9A4864323AcC8d8fB987
Silverside Management Supervisor 5,000 0xe650a95FA3a37472141848B224769a2aEC36d7e3

TOTAL: $11,558


  • This website gives an overview of the typical duties of registered offices, secretaries and supervisors for Cayman foundations.
  • Wallet addresses are different