Proposal Sponsor-Advisor Role

Author: @Giovap3


I would like to have the opportunity to support the Polywrap DAO, I can contribute with community growth, bringing people from different countries, help in content creation (tweets, marketing, graphic design, memes), making translations to Spanish and Italian and finding potential sponsorship opportunities for the Polywrap brand. I would like to help new members with doubts and other tasks needed.

Proposal Justification

I have some time being a member of the Polywrap DAO and I have some knowledge of the work in progress and the working people inside of it. I did a marketing international Post grade and a Sports Management master with 2 Esports Classes in Barcelona. Also I want to work and help with tasks that other members don’t have time to solve.

I think at the Mid-Long term this Sponsor idea will help the project to grow faster, reaching a lot more people that can add value to the project. In the short term there are many low budget options to work in sponsorship that I will be sending every month.

Road Map

I can work for a trial period the first month, and if the job is liked by the DAO team I would like to provide continuous support can remain permanently. I would like to add to the project my experience and ideas, first impressions are important.

Have calls every time is necessary with the team or sponsor, to organize a schedule and complete the tasks needed.

There was a mini hack I was working on. The idea is to bring people from many countries to get involved in the community of Polywrap and help to grow it. To show people what Polywrap is and understand how it works.

I’ve seen that the communities of English and Spanish speakers are the biggest in the Polywrap team, and those are the markets we could leverage the most as part of our international marketing strategy.

The main idea is for early 2023 to do a strong marketing campaign in many universities around the world. Starting in Spain, especially in the computer science and engineering schools, where a lot of future developers can be reached. There is a lot of potential for this Polywrap campaign, so these are some of the next steps to do.

  • Have a team reaching out to universities, and schedule presentations with the students and our engineers about the Polywrap DAO to let them know the immediate and future opportunities that the toolchain will provide to them, followed by Q&A. This would raise awareness and can be a channel to funnel in new talent.

  • Do hoarding around the universities and get the Polywrap logo visible and have quotes, to remain on people’s minds.

  • Sponsorship for Polywrap is an idea I want to work on. I shared this idea a couple of months ago in a minihack that I would like to apply with a very low budget. It would include create some content, have a nice photoshoot and increase the community.

  • Furthermore, I want to find every month different potential sponsors in different cities or countries for the brand, focusing on Esports teams, showing to the team the budget and see if they want to invest.

  • I want to try this month to create an article or newspaper with all the work done by the team of polywrap to see the engagement and if it is liked by the team.

Wallet address: 0x93b45eB39D4f2697D4D10C7414144B6cC7596d35

Total cost: $2000
Hourly rate: $20
Hours Total Cost 100 Hours per month
Sponsor: Mr. Media


By submitting this proposal, I understand that the DAO and my sponsor will be evaluating whether my work meets the acceptance criteria. If it does not, the DAO will determine what percentage of the proposal cost to pay, if any.

I also understand that I may not begin work until it is confirmed that the Snapshot proposal has passed.

Some of these ideas may be changed, I’m open to everything, and work every day of the week if is necessary.


  • Measure whether a job is done or not.
  • Translate 2 blog spots per month to Spanish and Italian.
  • Help all members in the discord, minihacks and Twitter with doubts.
  • Participate in all marketing team calls, help organizing things, and finish tasks.
  • When necessary, prepare content for Twitter, like memes and graphic designs.
  • Identify potential sponsorships opportunities with a small budget and have the Polywrap logo more visible
  • Send at the end of every month different budgets of sponsors to work on that in the future. (Focusing on Esports).
  • Create a Polywrap newspaper once per month, with some details of the work and the people behind the project.
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