Polywrap's Memeability

The World Via Meme

Consider that the communication of concepts is conducted primarily through easy to understand memes. Now consider that in order to communicate new concepts effectively, you must create meme’s that not only convey a message, but allow others to relay that message further for future mutation.

Polywrap Concepts

There are 2 primary meme’able concepts that Polywrap has been addressing simultaneously:

  • Web3 Integrations
  • WebAssembly Usability + On-Demand Execution


I propose that we start to address these conceptual areas separately and directly in our communications. I believe this will help make Polywrap easier to understand by the developers we’re targeting.

These communications can include:

  • documentation
  • tweets
  • separate content sections (landing page, docs, etc)

For A) Web3 Integrations, i think we are on the right track :mechanical_arm: our team is ready to prep all necessary and relevant materials with little oversight.

for B) out marketing team definitely needs additional efforts to throughly understand WASM before writing full out awareness campaigns around it, so here are some resources we can look into to learn more:

Trust Meme contests like this can be planned, at an opportune moment.