Polywrap Strategic Partners Proposal (Pt. 3)

Discussion Period: Wed Apr 6, 2022 to Thu Apr 21, 2022
Voting Period: Thu Apr 21 to Thu Apr 28, 2022
Snapshot Link: https://snapshot.org/#/polywrap.eth/proposal/0x5e6e1a9ba45c5a60cf7c1966c8fdde6c0c0f3e599430f1dc007c2c4253941a9d


This proposal is a continuation of the 1st and 2nd Strategic Partners Proposal:

First ($3m allocation): https://forum.polywrap.io/t/polywrap-strategic-partners-proposal/221/3

Second ($3.985m allocation): https://forum.polywrap.io/t/polywrap-strategic-partners-proposal-cont/236

This proposal ratifies strategic partners after they sign the transaction docs. The maximum token sale allocated in this proposal for ratified strategic partners is $3.015 million.

Strategic Partners & Terms

  • A list of potential strategic partners will be provided upon private request
    • Some of the partners on this list are still in the process of reviewing amounts and transaction documents (the same one from the first of the token purchasers)
    • Updates on partners who have confirmed amounts and transaction docs approval can be provided upon private request
  • Some strategic partners on this list have not signed any transaction documents yet. That will happen after this proposal passes
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