Polywrap: Hub Ongoing Proposal

Polywrap: Hub Ongoing Proposal

Discussion Period: Mar 30 to Apr 1, 2022 (3 business days)
Voting Period: Apr 4 to Apr 6, 2022 (2 business days)


CIDT is providing development services for continues development and support of Polywrap Hub application, based on ever-evolving Roadmap. CIDT will continue to meet with Polywrap DAO stakeholders, to refine the Hub Roadmap and implement features based on approved Roadmap Candidates.

Proposal Justification

It’s necessary to continue evolution of Polywrap Hub application in accordance to defined Roadmap.

Requested Monthly Grant

Wallet Stable Coin WRAP
cidt.eth $25,600 TBD


Milestone 1

Milestone 2-n

SP Team Roles & SP Cost

Proposed Dev Team specialties, along with estimated individual time commitment and cost per Story Point (SP)

Team Roles Time Commitment Rate Cost/SP
Program Manager, Scrum Master 1h/SP $120/h $120.00
Tech Lead, Lead Architect 2h/SP $120/h $240.00
Full Stack Developer/DevOps 8h/SP $100/h $800.00
QA/BA Specialist 2h/SP $60/h $120.00
Total Team 1SP Cost $1,280.00

Velocity & Estimated Timeline

Polywrap DAO uses Story Points (SP) to derive duration estimates for development projects. We define Baseline SP = as approximately 1 Day of Individual/Team effort.

Target Monthly Velocity Estimated Start
20 SP/Month March 1, 2022

Target Monthly Velocity: 20SP/Month

Sponsor Review

Sponsor: @dOrgJelli @evanjacobs


By submitting this proposal, I understand that the DAO and my sponsor will be evaluating whether my work meets the acceptance criteria. If it does not, the DAO will determine what percentage of the proposal cost to pay, if any.

I also understand that I may not begin work until it is confirmed that the Snapshot proposal has passed.

[ X ] I agree

Hi, here are takeaways from my proposal review discussion with @evanjacobs:

For Milestone 1:

  • Completing milestone 1 is a top priority and CIDT commitment is to complete all Milestone 1 open issues here: Issues · polywrap/hub · GitHub
  • CIDT QA will complete regression testing based on defined and provided test cases, CIDT is committed to resolving identified new issues as part of Milestone 1
  • CIDT will issue a discount for all hours spent on Milestone 1 after March 31, until acceptance is provided.
  • All requirements that were not clearly indicated to be part of Milestone 1 will transition to Milestone 2

For Milestone 2:

  • Evan will be added to be a sponsor for Hub project moving forward (I updated the proposal)
  • Evan will take on a role as an Interim Product Owner and will own the definition of acceptance criteria until a permanent Product Owner is named for the Hub project.
  • CIDT will provide a strategy to improve the QA process and will present it to stakeholders/sponsors for approval
  • CIDT will transition to a new Hub project after Milestone 1 is accepted, for Milestones 2-N: https://github.com/orgs/polywrap/projects/12/views/1
  • Eugene and sponsors will work together to prioritize the Milestone 2-N Roadmap, with an immediate goal of prioritizing stories for April (partial month) deliverables.