Polywrap Dev Pod - Intro


Hey everyone! This is an introductory video to an experiment I’m interesting in running called the “Polywrap Dev Pod”, short for “Developer Podcast”.


The idea is to create a weekly, maybe bi-weekly, installment where developers that are working on the Polywrap tool-chain can get together and talk about different pieces of the architecture.

This can be for the purpose of knowledge sharing, to talk about how something was done so that other people can learn from that, and possibly contribute to that piece of the project. Additionally we can discuss new ideas, and how to potentially do things better.

Hopefully this becomes very low pressure for us to do, making it easy for our developers to share, learn, and talk through things together.


So you may be asking yourself, “why can’t we just do this on a call together, what good is it to do it in a podcast format.” Here is my thinking on whyy this is better.

First off, audio is a very useful learning medium to some people. Additonally, speaking through things is very helpful for some individuals, to explore new areas of thought. For myself, I know that I learn best when talking through a problem and potential solution with somebody else. We can research & build on our own time, and come here to discuss what we’ve been thinking so much about.

So the TL;DR is, instead of just relying only on text in let’s say the forum, github, discord, or code; we can use this as platform to talk about it, complimenting all of that text that already exists.


So, how are we going to do this? I will start by kicking this experiment off, talking about the architecture from first principles thinking, then from there after we cover the basics of Polywrap (the problem it’s solving and how it solves it), then we’ll go into talking about specifics of the project: "How are we doing schema parsing, language support, the build pipeline; things like that.

I’d like to also pull in the different developers that have contributed to these pieces of code to talk about them, have a conversation about it, and maybe improve how things are done. Once we recrod it, we can upload it. As well as uploading it for future reference, we can convert it to text. We can manually convert the audio to text, or even having an AI do this. Then complimenting the text format with images, and boom, we have an article! This way if someone would rather read it, or listen to it, they can choose either or.

These will be short installments ideally. If someone doesn’t konow if they want to listen to the whole episode, they can skim the transcript to see if there’s anything they’re interested in listening too.

And then lastly, in order to produce a discussion around this, we can post it to eh forum, or to the blog, and people can add their own thoughts through the comments. It maybe a back and forth, where maybe we pull on different people from the comments in the next week to discuss some of the views they were bringing.

So that’s the general idea, very simple, very low budget.

One of the other things I’d like to do is add visuals, poor visuals, through some drawing. Trying to describe and depict things on the fly if need be, and see how this whole things goes.

Thank You

So, I want to thank you for listening / reading, and I really appreciate your intreest in this, if you are interested. And we’re gonna create some 5 star content over here, and we’re gonna make Polywrap amazing. Boom!

Take care,