Polygon Village Program

Author: @Dr.Manhattan
Discussion Period: 3 business days
Voting Period: 3 business days


This proposal lets Polywrap DAO be part of the Polygon Village (Details below). If passed, the Polywrap DAO will be presenting the Defiwrapper, Polyfolio, and other Polygon integration projects to the Polygon village program, and receiving support from Polygon such as tech and marketing support. A full list of benefits is shown below.

Benefits of the Program

Here’s the list of benefits mentioned on the official Polygon village website:

  1. Welcome Voucher

    • All projects building on Polygon can get access to welcome vouchers for all product/service offerings from Polygon’s preferred partners for FREE!
    • They also allow us to partner with them and offer our services to the projects building on Polygon.
  2. Grants

    • Opportunity to get grants on the projects that build Defi/NFT/Gaming/Metaverse/Infra tooling on Polygon.
    • Provide shared grants along with Polygon DAO to all pre-evaluated projects.
  3. Accelerator & Recognition

    • Weekly educational calls & AMAs with web3 experts
    • Selected projects will be given a forum to pitch their offerings to the Polygon community and receive feedback in real-time
    • Access to ‘Polygon Web3 Accelerator Program’.
  4. Job Board

    • Offers a system that scraps job listing from our careers pages along with third-party websites and automatically updates job listing on the Polygon job board. The system will also keep all the listings updated, add new ones and remove closed listings.
  5. Bounty Board

    • Outsource work of the ecosystem to the freelance world with the Polygon bounty board. The polygon bounty board program accepts all kinds of tasks to be offered as bounties to contributors from the vibrant polygon ecosystem.

Here’s some more info on the Polygon Web3 Accelerator Program which is part of the Polygon Village Program from the Polygon team

Polygon Web3 Accelerator Program

With Polygon being one of the most preferred chain, there are so many projects wanting to build on us, and we want to not only welcome them, but also nurture them with all the necessary help.

Keeping that in mind we are kicking off a Web3 Accelerator Group which will have all the projects building on Polygon merge in one group and then help them provide all the support like:

  1. Tech Support
  2. Cross Collaboration Support
  3. Marketing Support
  4. Grant Support
  5. VC Support
  6. Audit and Hosting Support

all at one place.

Not only this, we’ll also have regular calls weekly where we will bring experts to help you learn everything you need to in Web3 from the best in the industry and cross collaborate to grow your solutions.

The intention of this proposal is to introduce the Polygon Village program to the Polywrap DAO and let Defiwrapper, Polyfolio, and any other polygon integration projects of the DAO be part of the Polygon Web3 Accelerator Program.

Note: This proposal won’t cover any spending/funding aspects of the program like Shared grants offering/job or bounty board and separate proposals need to be made in case Polywrap DAO decides to participate in those programs. They are just here to represent the program in its entirety.


This program doesn’t have any definite timeline and will be ongoing although there will be trigger points such as presentations and pitch opportunities but no set start/end date.


  • Establish and maintain a partnership with a preferred L2, Polygon
  • Receive tech and marketing support for Defiwrapper / Polyfolio, which makes great use of the Polywrap technology
  • Opportunity to further collaborate with Polygon to co-sponsor grants and bounties for Polywrap <-> Polygon ecosystem development.

Next Steps

If passed, @Dr.Manhattan will send in the application for defiwrapper/polyfolio to be part of the Polygon Web3 Accelerator program and be the main point of contact for the Polygon team.

I checked out the Polygon Village site but I was a bit confused by the application process. It seems like each of the benefits listed above (e.g. welcome voucher, job board, bounty board, etc.) have separate application processes to claim each of those benefits.

However, @Dr.Manhattan is specifically proposing to apply for the Polygon Web3 Accelerator program. There isn’t much info on the Polygon Village site about the Accelerator program except for a link to join the Discord. In the #accelerator channel on the Polygon Discord is a link to the application form:

My initial impression about this program is that it is just getting started and both the expected value from and contribution to the program aren’t super clear.

@evanjacobs From what I understood, It’s a program with multiple sub-programs for different categories like grants, bounties, accelerator, etc. And I am suggesting defiwrapper to participate in the accelerator program and the benefits of that have been pointed out by the Polygon team and listed in the proposal.

I agree with the fact that the program is just getting started but I believe that, this may be helpful for defiwrapper to get more understanding of Polygon DeFi ecosystem and also collaborate with the project building on Polygon to integrate their protocol on defiwrapper. This can also provide a stage for defiwrapper to showcase itself and its use-cases which may in turn bring value back to the DAO.

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