Organizational Frontend Standards?

Hello guys, we would like to set up a deep-dive with some of you devs to discuss frontend implementations for the DAO. This will help us define two things, in the short term, the most adequate way to develop our first dapp, :abacus:defi-wrapper 's Polyfolio, and in the longer term the frontend stack that we use across our organization.

For example, today the landing page, hub, and both versions of the polyfolio have a different frontend stack, while they should be following some standard practice.

To formulate an educated and reusable solution, and unblock the development of the Polyfolio, we would like to host one or two 30 min calls this week around the topic, where we can evaluate the approaches and decide the on a beneficial path forward

Please share here any content you’d like to refer to or consider before holding these meetings. Similarly, they would serve as a backlog for when this question is arises again.

Hello, here is a draft of the Frontend Standard Proposal


  • Typescript
  • Localizations
  • Theming
  • State Management solution
  • CSS Management solution
  • Responsive design

Technology Stack

  • React JS (Function Component + hooks)
  • Typescript
  • lodash
  • react-router

State Management

CSS Management solution

We prefer to use scss modules unlike any of modern css frameworks because it is not so easy to apply them with client design, also it might include us using the !important to force styles to be overridden which will increase the page load time and decrease the performance. we should take this into consideration because of lots of unnecessary styles might bloat up the web app which is not so good.

If we are building a project and want to get started up quickly, then we could use CSS frameworks, but previously designer should work on it paying attention to the capabilities of each css framework.


Looks great to me! I think having a “boilerplate” repository to compliment this standard document would be very helpful :star_struck:

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I agree that there is a need to develop front-end applications with a unified approach. Please include me in the meetings that will take place on this topic.

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How should we move forward on this?

Some thoughts:

  1. Create a repo to store these types of “technical standards”.
  2. Create a snapshot proposal to “ratify” the standard being added to the repo. A “DAO Attestation” if you will.