NeuralField - Core Developer

Author: Jure Bogunović
Organization: NeuralField
Snapshot: Link


NerualField will provide development services for Polywrap protocol/nodes and core toolchain. Our senior developer Jure Granić Skender will be working directly with the committed contributors, under supervision from @Jure on polywrap/protocol roadmap and @dOrgJelli on polywrap/monorepo open issues.
Background: I’ve worked with Jure GS for most of my professional career in two different companies (in one of which he was the CEO). He is an excellent developer that can learn and adapt very quickly and would, in my opinion, be a great addition to the Polywrap team.
Github: pileks (Jure Granić Skender) · GitHub

Proposal Justification

It’s necessary to continue to scale the core development group with qualified engineering support. This proposal is for 20 SP/month starting August, while the first two months (June-July) are for 10 SP/month.

Requested Monthly Grant

June - July

Wallet Stable Coin
0x3193DE955136dF26Cd44E2C0e6ffb1717F9b402C $12,400.00

August - …

Wallet Stable Coin
0x3193DE955136dF26Cd44E2C0e6ffb1717F9b402C $24,800.00


Protocol/Nodes: Protocol · GitHub
Monorepo: Issues · polywrap/monorepo · GitHub

SP Team Roles & SP Cost

Proposed Dev Team specialties, along with estimated individual time commitment and cost per Story Point (SP)

Team Member Role Time Commitment Rate Cost/SP
Jure GS Senior Developer 8h/SP $155/h $1,240.00
Total Team 1SP Cost $1,240.00

Velocity & Estimated Timeline

Polywrap DAO uses Story Points (SP) to derive duration estimates for development projects. We define Baseline SP = approximately 1 Day of Individua/Team effort.

Target Monthly Velocity Estimated Start
10 SP/Month June, 2022
20 SP/Month August, 2022

Sponsor Review

Sponsor: Jordan
Meetings: TBD
Links: Meeting Notes


By submitting this proposal, I understand that the DAO and my sponsor will be evaluating whether my work meets the acceptance criteria. If it does not, the DAO will determine what percentage of the proposal cost to pay, if any.

I also understand that I may not begin work until it is confirmed that the Snapshot proposal has passed.

[ X ] I agree