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For the past few months, I’ve become deeply connected in large AI communities such as AutoGPT and Langchain. As a full-time contributor to these communities, I’ve learned the latest advances in AI frameworks and language models.

This proposal is to share my learnings, work on AI experiments, and connect Polywrap DAO to these communities. The goal of the proposal is to drive decisions on whether the DAO should pursue AI use-cases of Polywrap technology.


AI prototyping/ideation

  • Create AI <> Polywrap prototypes with help from Polywrap engineers

AI community engagement

  • Attend meetings hosted by AI communities like Langchain and AutoGPT
  • Share research notes with the rest of Polywrap DAO

Web3 & general dev rel / community management

  • As a lesser priority, engage with and grow Polywrap’s existing web3 community

Follow AI trends and see how Polywrap can apply to them

  • Share the latest and most relevant AI technologies with other DAO members

Time & Cost

  • Start date: May 22nd, 2023
  • 15 hours a week, for 12 weeks.
  • $50 per hour

To calculate the hourly rate i’ve included factors like the average market rate for similar work, my level of expertise, and the complexity of the tasks at hand. Finally, To calculate my total cost or reward, I’ve taken into account the hourly wage and the total hours committed. The calculation is as follows:

  • Weekly earnings: 15 hours/week * $50/hour = $750/week
  • Total earnings: $750/week * 12 weeks = $9,000

This calculation assumes a consistent hourly wage and steady weekly hours throughout the entire 12-week period.

  • TOTAL: $9,000


  • Kapa.ai connection and beta access
  • Unblock AI engine
  • Polywrap Plugin for AutoGPT (BigNumber, and more TBD)
  • AI Research sharing on the #random discord channel


  • [Aug 9th 2023] This proposal will be extending for another 12 weeks

This sounds great @DaoAdvocate (Media). You’ve already been helpful in these ways in the past, so having this role be more formal makes a lot of sense to me.

Polywrap Worklog

Here is an update on my progress since the start of this engagement

Late May:

  • Polywrap Retreat and MVP for Unblock AI project

Early June:

  • Initial planning for project implementations (AutoGPT Plugin)

Mon 12 Jun:

  • Survey feedback with Emma
  • Share survey to Discord groups
  • Share AI Research updates
  • ACDC Call

Tue 13 Jun:

  • Share survey to Discord more discord groups
  • Analyze current survey results with emma
  • Ops call

Wed 14 Jun:

  • Research OpenAI ChatGPT Functions API released yesterday
  • Feedback for Unblock platform
  • DevRel: Plastic Minds / Datakult Intro to polywrap
    • Raised 250k for a PoC to be built in 3 months
  • Fill in AutoGPT Plugin Idea in Notion
  • Send survey to AutoGPT Discord
  • Look into Langchain tools Defining Custom Tools | 🦜️🔗 Langchain
  • Catch up call with Niraj

Thu 15 Jun:

Fri 16 Jun:

  • Posted survey to AutoGPT Discord pinging about 100 people by using roles

Mon 19 Jun:

  • Developed client readiness AI helper tool with Niraj
  • All Core Devs Call

Tue 20 Jun:

  • Ops Call, presented survey results with Emma
  • Langchain Agents research: Vector stores and memory types for conversational cases which require database retrieval and also creativity.

Wed 21 Jun:

  • ChatGPT Functions improvements: added skill_library and tool_invoker template functionaliy. currently blocked by polywrap python client status and uris not being resolved correctly https://github.com/rihp/polywrap-gpt-functions/blob/master/functions.ipynb
  • On demand commands call with Jordan, Emma, and Nestor for potetial roadmap of the repository above
  • Pair Programing with Cesar trying to solve the Uri Errors we were getting in the morning

Thu 22 Jun:

Fri 23 Jun:

  • Share results of survey with AutoGPT community

Mon thru Wed 28 Jun:

Thu 29 Jun

Fri 30 Jun

  • Help Cesar with the client readiness Langchain implementation

Sat and sunday Jul 1st and 2nd

Mon 3 Jul

  • ACDC Call

Tue 4 Jul

Wed 5 to Sat 8 Jul

  • Agent Learning Demo Newest features: (Goal oriented startup, Rolling summary memory, Autopilot mode)
  • Uniswap wrapper testing with the agent
  • Web scrapper wrap

Mon 10 Jul

  • Update readme
  • Migrate the wrap library

Confirmed with @DaoAdvocate – work from May 22 to June 30:

$750 * 7 weeks = $5,250


Activity From the past 2 weeks:

Agent V1 overhaul V1: Agent Overhaul by rihp · Pull Request #21 · polywrap/PolyGPT · GitHub

Prompt Improvements Prompt Improvements by rihp · Pull Request #32 · polywrap/PolyGPT · GitHub

Update Branch with prompt goal changes

Improve Logging Improve Logging by rihp · Pull Request #37 · polywrap/PolyGPT · GitHub

Set the gpt-3.5-turbo-16k-0613 as the default model with 16k token window Set the `gpt-3.5-turbo-16k-0613` as the default model with 16k token window by rihp · Pull Request #44 · polywrap/PolyGPT · GitHub

Update README.md

Rename LoadWrap to LearnWrap and add wrap description print Rename LoadWrap to LearnWrap and add wrap description print by rihp · Pull Request #42 · polywrap/PolyGPT · GitHub

Sharing PolyGPT with 12 selected communities as well as personal messges to my contacts. Coordinate with potential developers on future collaborations with PolyGPT

Help present the PolyGPT Presentation to Autonolas

Various calls including ops and dev syncs, as well as polygpt working sessions

Researched various topics and shared interesting links on AI Megathread

Keep issues up to date

create Kanban Project view on Github

Spent aproximately 15 hours per week

Worklog for August 2023


During the month of August, significant contributions were made in multiple areas, including project coordination, development, and community outreach.

Detailed Worklog

Project: Evo Ninja

  • Won with the team the first place in the Autonomous Agents Hackathon
  • Managed the twitter account
  • Created the discord server
  • Discord management

Project: AutoGPT Benchmarks

  • Coordinated with Wayne from the AutoGPT team
  • Assisted in multiple AutoGPT Maintainers calls and events
  • Shared relevant AI news within the team

Project: Agent Protocol Integration

  • Pair-programmed with JureB and Jordan on the agent protocol
  • Reached out to various AI communities for awareness and collaboration
  • Garnered votes for the hackathon link

Repositories and PRs

Repo: Evo Ninja

  • Added an agent benchmarks folder (PR)
  • Integrated Jest tests into the project (PR, PR, PR)
  • Improved the Readme file (PR)
  • Developed frontend skeleton (PR)
  • Made UI improvements (PR, PR)
  • Added chat spinner feature (PR)
  • Implemented chat download as Markdown (PR)
  • Updated Discord links (PR)

Repo: Evo Ninja (Fork)

  • Created a feature to show a single file for scripts (PR)
  • Added file deletion from workspace (PR)
  • Implemented user goals tracking with Google Analytics (PR)
  • Integrated OpenAI Whisper for voice-based agent prompting (PR)
  • Developed a feature for file editing (PR)