Marketing Budget June 2022 (Polywrap Origin Release)


The following outlines the marketing efforts for the Polywrap DAO during the months of June 2022, in preparation for the Polywrap Origin Release

This proposal is based on input from the various Marketing Collaborators and DAO Contributors.

Proposal Justification

The goal of this proposal is to expand and specialise the Marketing processes with a funded initiative that gives visibility to the Polywrap Origin release.


Execute and develop processes and identify specialised contributors to build a more strategic and professional marketing team.



Details of the exact budget expenses are in the Reply below, listed within the Proposal Apendix

Sponsor Review


  • Media


By submitting this proposal, I understand that the DAO and my sponsor will be evaluating whether my work meets the acceptance criteria. If it does not, the DAO will determine what percentage of the proposal cost to pay, if any.

I also understand that I may not begin work until it is confirmed that the Snapshot proposal has passed.

[ X ] I agree

The snapshot proposal was posted here and passed:

We have now set up the expense on Utopia and awaiting signatures from Safe signers. :mechanical_arm:

Edit: We’ll be posting the updates and list all deliverables in a post below

Proposal Appendix

Here is the finalised list of learnings, deliverables, and budgeting details along with their specific concepts. Hope it’s comprehensive and we can learn from it for future iteration.

If you have any questions or suggestions please reach out or comment on this thread for further consideration :slight_smile: :raised_hands:

Thanks a lot for everyone who helped build this

Summary of Results

What we did well:

  • Proving we have a diversified output capacity, by generating a wide range of Digital and Physical branding touch points.
  • IRL Event was acclaimed by attendants, apparently one of the highlights of EthBCN when compared to other ecosystem’s meet-ups. For this sprint we were able to run within budget, and saved the DAO some funds by running our own event and expenses management. This route tends to be more frugal for us as a DAO, to host our own event and do a guerrilla-marketing strategy rather than to sponsor other’s events which might be more expensive or less aligned with our objectives.
  • Branding assets that were delegated to new contractors for the Origin assets produced a list of great assets/iteration for a lower cost than expected through previous options that we have sourced. Fiverr, for example helped us find good illustrators who have a fast turnout and relatively cheap price.
  • We were able to demonstrate that the DAO Sync calls can be reused to create meaningful Video Demos which share knowledge on Youtube. Further more, this video content can be broken down into smaller pieces that can be shared across other channels (like twitter, newsletters, and discord)
  • The ticket giveaway was successful in the sense that winners were very grateful after participating (this tends to have a long lasting effect in the mind of the beneficiary). AFAIK, all winners were present at the event, and they were able to dive deeper into Polywrap by getting to talk to contributors and ecosystem participants.

What we can improve:

  • Events should be advertised earlier in advance to get more awareness.
  • We should have live coverage of the event if possible, for those who are tuning in online.
  • Improving the Written Content pipeline, bootstrapping our copy from the documentation written by Core Contributors, as well as the Video content we are going to generate.
  • Faster written content creation. Ex: User cases. Nodes, wrap libraries, examples of user cases for each property or tool.

What we can do next

  • Focusing on generating and publishing content that SHARES KNOWLEDGE
  • Strenghten communications with Partners, to distribute the educational content as it’s produced
  • Plan ahead for upcoming events (like EthBerlin / Dappcon, EthIndia)
  • Ramp up Knowledge Sharing by preparing more youtube content
    • Schedule Conversations and record them, or slot time during recorded DAO Syncs to cover some of the following topics:
      • Wrap standard
      • Composability user cases
      • Web Assembly user cases
      • Workflows User cases
      • Deployment
      • Building a Wrapper
      • Near Wrapper
      • ENS Wrapper
      • Uniswap Wrapper
      • Defi Wrapper
      • How yo build on top of a existing Wrapper
    • From the created videos, write up learnings
  • Revamp website to include:
    • Getting Started section that serves as a starting point for new developers, this section should also have a defined KPI to drive increase in adoption
    • Apply new branding and clear call out to the Origin release

Deliverables and created content

Polywrap Origin Branding assets.

Youtube Banner.

Digital Branding

Illustrations of Polywrap Properties

High resolution illustrations here

Nutritional Facts: Wrapper Contents

This asset is available on our collaborative Figma workspace.

Doodles Illustrations and Explorations

Polywrap Origin T-shirt Logo.


  • Polywrap Origin Shirts.
  • Standard Branding Stickers.
  • Standard Branding Pins
  • Polywrap Origin Stickers.
  • Polywrap Rollups

Event Videography: 580 Euros total

The main content generated from this event is video. We also have a handful of photos:

Videographer (2 hour - 330 Euros)

Camera and estabilizer and Audio Equipment included in the price. The output of this are 2 testimonies from core contributors, and one interview with a community builder.

Video Editing and color correction (250 Euros)

This deliverable is still being produced by the videographer, but it will be either a Dinamic Clip (2 minutes)

  • Interview or conversation (30 to 60 minutes)

Other Video Production

Amsterdam Video

  • Developed for EthAmsterdam, to be presented during Polywrap’s talk @ TRGCs event


New voiceover explainers



Explainer Video (Big Titles)

Illustrations, transitions, script, voiceover, edition.

WhatsApp Video 2022-06-29 at 9.05.55 AM.mp4

Sample Demos: Video Edition (Generated from a DAO Sync recording)


Watch it here :point_right: Single Module Wrappers: Why we moved away from GraphQL

Social Media Strategy

Youtube Channel Management

Results of Twitter Campaign & Analytics

Results from July 1st to 13th

June overview (entire month)

Written Content Pieces

Aggregated receipts and expenses

Barcelona Venue for 50 people food and drinks total 3 hours, plus overtime (From 8pm to 1am)

Illustration from Fiverr for Polywrap Origin Tshirt (reusable)

Printing of the standard brand stickers and pins (consumables)

Physical Rollups for the standard Polywrap brand (reusable)

The following expenses were paid in cash to get a discounted price on the items, if the DAO considers having detailed proof of these were necessary, we could request justification from the suppliers.

  • 50 Polywrap Origin Tshirts (500€)
  • Professional Videographer and Edition (580€)
  • Origin Logo Stickers (110€)

Detailed budget breakdown

From this data we have started the Gnosis Safe transaction to pay out all involved contributors