[Kravi] Proposal for Onboarding Process

Author: @kravi
Discussion Period: Tue Jun 14 to Thu Jun 16, 2022
Voting Period: Thu Jun 16 to Mon Jun 20, 2022


Implementing a well planned new members’ onboarding process is necessary for giving a continuous welcoming experience, and it’s indispensable for building a sustainable and scalable community, for Polywrap DAO .

Proposal Justification
First impressions go a long way.

If onboarding is not given its due importance, a DAO can’t thrive as much as it deserves, for lack of context, coordination, and focus.

Road Map
with relevant Action items (AIs)

  1. Establish a Clear Mission & Vision for the DAO
    A mission statement, followed by a quick snapshot view of Polywrap DAO from technical, financial aspects, GTM strategy & road map. Including tokenomics.
    This to be the very first and prominent thing a new member comes across. AI#1 : Tell the story behind Polywrap DAO, and its journey till date. The available content, be identified, structured, and rewritten, as required, with focus on new members onboarding.
  2. Managing the Onboarding Flow.
    To design new member onboarding with contributors in mind. To set the context right, to facilitate new members to get active.
    Incentive design — “Rewarding valuable contributors”
    While culture, and context may initially attract members and contributors to a community, they only stay if they are fairly rewarded for their work and develop an ownership mentality. Hence the DAO’s welcoming message to explicitly address this. AI#2 : The new content is to be strategically placed in the right places, targeting maximum effectiveness.
  3. Facilitate 1:1 connections , from the get-go. An active community manager would be a big plus to a growing DAO community: someone who’s open with an ever ready to serve attitude, to essentially facilitate new members, and, sooner than later, to pave the way for cross team collaborations. AI#3 : Weekly new members onboarding call, will be an ice breaker. It must include a brief presentation on Polywrap DAO, and about the immediate and future opportunities, followed by Q&A. This can help active would be contributors to jumpstart.
  4. Invest in Education and Resources
    Making the DAO’s progress visible, and transparent can incentivise, and increase general engagement. DAO must accommodate for different levels of knowledge and experience to facilitate workflow.
    Fortnightly, or monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with core team, can help bridge any gaps in communication. And if it’d better be in text chat, so it can be kept as a permanent repository, in a discord channel.
    AI#4 : Having a community manager onboarded ( who can respond aptly, across channels, with max delay of some 8-12 hrs )
    AI#5 : Nothing keeps members glued to community, more than information free flow. Setting up an AMA channel, and having someone from core team, taking the questions, once a fortnight , helps. It helps to keep a dedicated channel for this, so it will remain as repository.
  5. A Ready Reckoner
    Sharing a quarterly or half yearly calendar of events, that are crucial for the DAO community. AI#6 :To have a calander in place, and to make it available in a discord channel, as well as on Polywrap website
  6. Preempt Scalability Challenges
    Especially pertaining to quality of work and “offboarding” e.g. Every member should “champion” at least 1 proposal in every 6-12 months, or some other such ideas, to ensure activism. AI#7 : Brainstrom and zero in on a framework, and ensure maximum alignment across the DAO community.

Metrics to measure Improvement

  • Key metric is to help new members to make their first contribution.
  • Governance participation
    Frequency of proposals and % of wallets participation on an ongoing basis are the key, and do directly imply vitality of a DAO, and its capacity to accomplish its objectives.

Bounties/Job to be created for this

  1. Copy & Content Writer / Bounty
  2. Community Manager / Job

Projected Outcomes

  • Community Growth
  • Increased activity & engagement
  • Ideally attract as well as retain high potential contributors

Start date: Enter the date that your Snapshot proposal passes.
Wallet address: 0xf44c81057111841051F362346B44a346d8E86C8e
Total cost: $2,250

Hourly rate: $15

Epic Hours Total Cost
Info gathering & Research/Content Writing/Presentation Prep 150 $2,250

Velocity & Estimated Timeline

Target Monthly Velocity Estimated Start Estimated Duation
20 SP/Month June 20 1 month

Note: AI #4 & AI #5 require regular activity (AMA sessions & Community Mgmt), and hence are not included in this estimation.

Sponsor Review

Sponsor: Kevin

By submtting this proposal, I understand that the DAO and my sponsor will be evaluating whether my work meets the acceptance criteria. If it does not, the DAO will determine what percentage of the proposal cost to pay, if any.

I also understand that I may not begin work until it is confirmed that the Snapshot proposal has passed.

I agree

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Thanks for putting this proposal together. Here are a few thoughts about each of the Road Map items:

  1. Will this content specifically be presented to new members when they join the Discord? Can this content also live on the Polywrap website for people who first learn about Polywrap that way?
  2. This item is a little bit unclear. Can you give an example of one or more steps that you would propose should be part of the onboarding flow?
  3. I really like the idea of a weekly new member onboarding call. Is part of your proposal that you will act as the community manager for this call?
  4. There are two parts to this Road Map item: hiring a community manager and holding regular AMAs. What exactly will your roles be in each of these parts?
  5. I also really like this idea of getting more attention for our regular DAO-wide events and having easily accessible calendars on the website and in Discord
  6. This item seems to be more about ensuring that all members are active and participating rather than about onboarding. As such, I think we should remove this item from this proposal and perhaps address it again later on.
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#1. yes, it’s to be targeted for every new member, and the content to be available on the respective pages of website.
#2. Idea is to design the flow in a way that is clear, transparent, and accessible to all new members :
1. Ways to contribute should be made clear to all members
2. Expectations for contribution should be clearly communicated
3. There should be low-stakes ways to contribute
Would need to brainstorm with key members of your team, to arrive at this.
#3. #4. Sorry for the confusion. This proposal is to have the required ideas/strategy in place, and to get the relevant content ready. (So the community manager can take it off, from there. As indicated in the proposal, the regular activities such as community mgmt, weekly onboarding calls & fortnightly AMA sessions mentioned for completeness, but not included in the estimation. You want me to include that too & update ?)
#5, Absolutely. It’s just intuitive, to have it ready & handy!
#6. Agreed.

I guess, a good onboarding process is to be an essential part of overall marketing strategy.

At current pre-alpha stage, Polywrap can expect to gain, by its ‘spreading the word’ effect, and that may help to bring down hiring expenses, and to shorten those cycle times!

This proposal looks really well done to me, would love to see this happen :slight_smile:

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Met with Kravi today. Some notes:

  • I recommended to increase rate. Kravi is OK with $13 → $15/hr.
  • I’ll be delivering item 1 on the roadmap within 1-2 weeks, and send to Kravi for review.
  • Kravi’s first task is managing the onboarding flow
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