[Kevin, Ori] dOrg Flex Contributors

Discussion Period: Tue Mar 22 to Fri Mar 25, 2022
Voting Period: Mon Mar 29 to Fri Apr 1, 2022
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This proposal formally establishes the terms for the dOrg flex contribution i.e. additional capacity provided by dOrg as needed outside of the committed contributors.


  • Fixed Rate: $100 + 0.006 WRAP / hr
  • Limit: 100 Story Points (SP) / mo
    • 1 SP is equal to 1 hour
  • Any SPs over 100 to be submitted as a separate proposal to be discussed and approved by the DAO
  • Effective date: Feb 1, 2022


Does that WRAP later get split among the builder and the DAO, or all goes to the individual ?

It only goes to the individual.

Is the 100 SPs/month limit per contributor or for all dOrg flex contributors combined?


Do we need to pre-approve the every person who works through this flex budget individually, or is it a blanket proposal for any dOrg member?

Blanket proposal for any dOrg member but it’s not just a free for all. Like any other dOrg project there is a project manager who manages the personnel and makes sure their skills are a fit with the client’s needs.