Flexi Proposal: kRavi, for a Consultant cum Advisor role

Flexi Proposal: kRavi, for a Consultant cum Advisor role


Polywrap DAO has all the potential to become a technological powerhouse in Web3 space. It definitely needs all the required, complementary strategic support, in proactively building the organisation, and to accomplish its vision.

Scope for Improvement

  • There is good scope to improve on the marketing front: both at the planning level, as well as at execution stage.
  • Currently, the team has no bandwidth to follow up on the voted proposal (a case in point is the onboarding initiative, after an enthusiastic start).
  • Apparently, no concerted efforts to close a few long vacant openings.

The reasons behind these might be:

  • Budget constraints, as Kevin often opines.
  • Tunnel vision, a common issue in startups
  • Dearth of responsible managerial talent

Though I can’t claim to know more than this, it’s enough for me to realise that there’s definitely a big gap that needs to be addressed on priority.


I propose myself for a Consultant cum Advisor role,

  • I can be available on flexi mode, so that no unnecessary burden on the DAO’s treasury
  • I do bring a more broadened and inclusive view, as required & relevant.

Especially for the following foundational areas :

  • Marketing : Can help in strategising GTM (go-to-market) & GTC (go-to-community), as well as in community engagement initiatives
  • Program Management & Governance : to sponsor projects, follow ups, and follow throughs;
  • Strategic Hiring : The required efforts will be in place to bring down the recruitment life cycle, for current openings.
  • Partnerships:
  • Research & Overall Business Strategy


Expected Benefits to Polywrap DAO:

  • Nothing important ever will be ignored again, due to core team’s bandwidth issues: resulting in a more productive & friendly workplace, to pave the way for coherent culture.
  • Access to my rich exposure, in the above mentioned areas, which are an essential part of an entrepreneur’s day-in day-out.
  • A chance to peek yourself through the outsider’s lens, that can make a ton of value addition.

Rate: $125/hr

Available a couple of hours weekly, subject to criticality of the need.

How am I well qualified for this?

I’d been an entrepreneur for over 7 years in Digital Marketing, and for 5 years in the technology recruitment space. Before that I worked for 6 years, as a senior executive with a top3 software MNC, in India. And I did my B Tech in computer science & systems engineering, in the reputed Andhra University Campus, India.

Why I’m interested to do this:

Being a technology enthusiast, I’m intrigued by web3 space, and its potential. I like to do my bit, to further Polywrap’s mission.

Hi Kravi, thanks for preparing this.

We already have strategies formed around gtm, cc recruiting and partnerships. IMO, we’d want to see the results of ongoing strategies before implementing new ones or making any major changes.

I have been asking Roberto/Kevin, for the last 4 months, about what GTM, and partnerships strategies are in place, but I have not seen an answer yet. Perhaps, those are confidential !!!

In any case, this proposal is not just for planning and strategising, it’s much broader, covering the much-needed execution in those indicated areas.