Devconnect Amsterdam Reimbursements

Discussion Period: Thu May 12 to Mon May 16, 2022 (3 business days)
Voting Period Tues May 17 to Thu May 19, 2022 (3 business days)
Snapshot: Link
Total Cost: $5,598


Sponsorship, lodging, and swag reimbursements for Polywrap presence at Devconnect Amsterdam.


Here are the key value-adds of this proposal for the Polywrap ecosystem.


Gave away Polywrap t-shirts, stickers, and magnets @ the devconnect coworking space, ethamsterdam hackathon, and infrastructure event

Hackathon presence

We had a team of Polywrap-affiliated dOrg builders (Roberto, Jure, Ori, Juan, Marco) in a table next to the t-shirts setups where people would come by and ask us questions about Polywrap.

Web3 Infrastructure Panel

We sponsored a panel where Ori pitched Polywrap and spoke on a panel about the future of Web3 Infrastructure to a live audience of ~50 and livestream that has >450 views to date and has been shared across several twitter accounts:


Cost Breakdown

Item Cost Reimburse to:
100 T-shirts (Vistaprint) $1,232 Roberto
10 Long Sleeve Shirts $190 Roberto
800 stickers & magnets (Stickermule) $230 Roberto
Web3 Infrastructure Panel - sponsorship fee (TRGC) $2000 Ori
Lodging (Ori + Juan) $528 Ori
Lodging (Roberto) $650 Roberto
Lodging (Jure) $768 Jure
TOTAL $5,598


Vendor Amount (USDC) Wallet
Roberto $2302 0x37341cbb14c5F128A70B149726ad8B2CE6F4C793
Ori $2528 0x639749b7b08aEe65039c21d8a411103C6ceBEBF0
Jure $768 0x7c418d7083f6c22b3d600b8fe4f0cf93564098dd


400 Stickers

10 Long Sleeve Shirts

100 Black Tshirts

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This looks good!

I would add the discussion period and voting period at the top.

Discussion Period: Thu May 12 to Mon May 16, 2022 (3 business days)
Voting Period: Tues May 17 to Thu May 19, 2022 (3 business days)

I’m writing up a policy going forward for reimbursements (e.g. per night allowance for lodging).

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About participation in such events, going forward :

Suggest to have a discussion thread here in the forum, inviting ideas from all, about how best Polywrap DAO leverage such events, to score maximum mileage.

I guess ETH NYC Jun 23-25 is an event we shouldn’t miss!

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I agree having a more formalized event plan sounds like a good idea. This way we can better plan the execution & budget.

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I guess, you may have a review of the past events, against the expenses, and achieved (if any) deliverables.

It may be hard to pin-point what’s accomplished in some situations, but perhaps you may define it in terms of KRAs (Key responsibility areas) as well as KPIs ( Key performance indicators).

The marketing review, as part of the last DAO sync, is superficial, at best! Of course, it’s because the whole team is core technical, and may not have bandwidth, nor the required aptitude.

As far as I understand, marketing starts at the get-go, whether we acknowledge it or not. So it’s beneficial to have a go-to-market (GTM) strategy ready, or at least a one year view, on certain vital parameters.

So any event, or marketing plan must be aligned with such an outlook, and to be within the budget allocation boundaries.

Suggest to have a marketing audit, in terms of expense vs KPIs, so it can be a good benchmark for future planning.

This is an inflection point for Polywrap, for having a major release very recently. I guess, there’s no better timing for setting your marketing right.

Once this is in place, you can at least save 100s of thousands per annum, and at best, can truly pave the way for effectively achieving your mission of mass adoption of web3.