Contributor Payment Update

Discussion: Tue Aug 8 to Thu Aug 10, 2023
Voting: Fri Aug 11 to Tue Aug 15, 2023


This proposal updates the monthly payments for Nestor from 13,238.25 USDC to 14,583.33 USDC.

The proposal is effective July 1, 2023 to Jan 31, 2024 (the end of Nestor’s service agreement).


In the past few months, Nestor has stepped up to become a technical leader at Polywrap, taking on a wide range of responsibilities and supporting his peers in critical tasks. He has led the architecture and development of projects including the Rust Client and FFI layer, Unblock, and PolyGPT. He has also provided critical development support for the Kotlin & Swift clients, MetaMask Swift integration, Wrap ABI 0.2, dependency locking, and Uniswap wrap. Finally, Nestor has taken on an operations role as part of the legal pod.

In this work, Nestor has proven not only his leadership but also versatility in being able to support many of these projects simultaneously across separate Polywrap teams. These contributions have been foundational to Polywrap’s technical roadmap.

Original Service Agreement Snapshot

Service Agreement Link

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It goes without saying that Nestor is a brilliant and talented developer. He’s hugely important to Polywrap. I had forgotten that Nestor is not already paid at the $175k level.

If we have the budget for this, it has my support!

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