Committed Contributor proposal - Jure Granić-Skender

Jure Granić-Skender

Discussion Period: Aug 9 - Aug 12, 2022
Voting Period: Aug 15 - Aug 17, 2022
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Application for developer role at Polywrap

Born: 1991
Education: Masters in Computer Science @ FESB, Split, Croatia
Spoken languages: English (C2), German (B2), Croatian (Native)


Hi everyone - for anyone who doesn’t know me yet, I’m Jure (officially Jure G inside Polywrap’s Discord), a full-stack developer based in Croatia.

Over the years I have worked on a ton of Web2-related projects, and have even launched several of my own products, all of which are still alive and kicking (in maintenance mode).

Over the past months, I have received the opportunity to work on projects more closely related to Web3, culminating in my recent (and still ongoing) involvement in Polywrap. Working on such a project has been a rather refreshing experience - a code base that’s well-maintained, teammates who are extremely capable individuals and a product that I personally want to use.

My main motivation for wanting to join is the challenge of building “something new”. While my experience in Web3 is limited, I feel that my overall experience as a developer/tech lead/product owner/everything else will help me quickly get up to speed with anything thrown my way.

I believe that I can be of great use to the Polywrap project. I’m communicative and not afraid of asking dumb questions, especially if they are going to accelerate my work. I’m also self-sufficient, and have been able to mostly figure my way out of most unknowns by digging deeper.


Most of my experience comes from working on projects tied to my company, Amber IT Solutions. This means that, unless otherwise noted, most of the development and managerial efforts on these projects have been led by me.

Amber School Manager

  • Roles: Tech lead, developer
  • Developed and maintained a SaaS for school management
  • Currently in “low maintenance” mode, maintained by another person on payroll
  • Tech:
    • ASP Net (MVC, WebApi)
    • Entity Framework
    • MSSQL
    • AngularJS
  • Special note:
    • While working on Amber SM I gathered a lot of “generalist” knowledge. Me and my team (Jure B being one of them) had to quickly solve various business needs set forth by clients accross Europe. These ranged from simple reports to full-blown features within the app (a notable full feature being Enrollments)
  • Notable tech:
    • Mig tool v1 - A simple tool for executing migration scripts against a target database
    • Approval testing - tested legacy code using a “golden master” approach

Augur framework

  • Roles: Tech lead, developer
  • Developed a framework for rapid app development within ASP Net Core. Augur has a set of somewhat-opinonated libraries and executables whose aim is to help developers quickly push out 3-tier web apps.
  • Tech:
    • ASP Net Core
    • EF Core
    • MSSQL
    • Angular (8-12)
  • Notable tech:
    • BackendToFrontendExporter - an executable which generates Typescript class representations of API endpoints allowing developers to consume the APIs they write in a type-safe fashion
    • Mig Tool v2 - a tool for executing migration scripts against a target database, ensured that all scripts are run only once, rolled back on failure, allowed for dry runs etc.
    • DbContextAddons - a set of composable addons which would be executed upon certain method calls within the DbContext, and which would filter the DbSet based on the user’s permissions
  • Notable projects developed using Augur:
    • Key Action Plus
      • A management SaaS for Erasmus+ Key Action projects
    • The English Gym (can’t put more than 2 links as a new user)
      • A simple quiz-style app for Italians who want to learn English
    • Next-gen placement tests (can’t put more than 2 links as a new user)
      • A language skill assessment tool that utilizes Glicko2 to determine the language skill level of an individual
    • CERES
      • A tool that manages the usage of various university equipment
    • A number of other, smaller projects

WebVR-based webshop builder

  • Worked as a freelancer on this project for an American company
  • Roles: developer, later on tech lead
  • Developed a VR shop builder based on Mozilla Hubs. Shops accepted both Crypto and FIAT payments.
  • Tech:
    • Node.js
    • React
    • Networked AFrame (three.js)
    • Websockets
    • WebRTC
    • Elixir (Ecto, Phoenix)
    • Postgresql
    • Mongodb


If accepted, my plan is to work on Polywrap full-time (40hr/wk).

I’m looking for a compensation level of $150k/yr.
Further feedback is always welcome! :slight_smile:


This looks great, my only point of feedback would be around the level of compensation. The current requested amount is the highest possible level. I’d maybe recommend one below that, and progress upwards as you’ve been onboard for longer.

Thanks for the feedback. I can 100% agree with your thoughts regarding the compensation levels, and I’d be perfectly okay with your proposal. Would you like me to change this in the original post?

Yep, modifying would be best so it can be referenced in the snapshot vote

It seems like I can’t edit posts, so I’ll have to mention it here:

Compensation - updated

If accepted, my plan is to work on Polywrap full-time (40hr/wk).

I’m looking for a compensation level of $150k/yr.
Further feedback is always welcome! :slight_smile:

You should have edit access now. Let me know if it works.

Everyone else – please let me know if there are any other changes by 2pm ET today before I post to snapshot. Thanks!

Confirming my edit - thank you!

For support:

  • We’ve set up a 1 USDC test transaction and @Pileks confirmed receipt
  • For August, we’ll prorate his pay for the periods worked 8/18 to 8/31

The prorated amount is $12,500 * (14/31) = $5,645.16