Committed Contributor Hiring Proposal


This proposal is for opening the following full-time positions as committed contributors to Polywrap. The exact cost for each role may depend on the experience of the person that is hired for the role but won’t exceed the maximum for other Level 5 contributors.

In addition, there may be some costs incurred with:
a) use of software/tool for tracking applicants, scheduling interviews, etc.
b) paid placements of job postings on certain job boards

Finally, this proposal also includes some notes about the hiring process and other information that we should include along with each job description.


Product Manager

As a Polywrap Product Manager, you’ll own the features, road map, development, and operations for Polywrap. This role is critical to the success of Polywrap and you’ll have a lot of autonomy in determining the best way to perform it.


  • develop a feature roadmap based on conversations with users and interpreting their needs in terms of features
  • priortize features on the roadmap
  • track the development effort to ensure timely delivery
  • identify goals and KPIs, regularly track progress towards them, and communicate progress to the DAO
  • manage the budget for building and maintaining these applications and services
  • build relationships with both internal developers and external dev shops


  • technical experience that enables you to understand tradeoffs in implementation options
  • you can balance the investments in features and architecture in order to deliver a product that operates well and scales for the future.

Bonus qualifications

  • experience using and building blockchain applications and services
  • programing experience (typescript, react, rust, python)

QA Lead

As the Quality Assurance Lead, you’ll own overall quality across the entire Polywrap ecosystem including the core toolchain, applications, and services. This is a large surface area and so a big part of this role is establishing best practices and ensuring that they are adopted.


  • Establish baseline measurements for quality and develop a plan for improving quality across the Polywrap ecosystem
  • Define acceptance criteria for quality that new development needs to achieve
  • Advocate for investments in automation where appropriate
  • Work with both committed contributors and external dev shops to ensure adherence to quality standards


  • previous experience leading QA efforts for technical/software projects

Bonus qualifications

  • experience using and building blockchain applications and services

Marketing Lead

As the Marketing Lead, you’ll own the way in which new users discover, learn about, and start building with Polywrap.


  • build a marketing funnel that describes a customer’s journey with Polywrap
  • plan marketing campaigns and budgets
  • identify in-person and virtual events that Polywrap should attend and coordinate our presence there
  • develop GTM strategy for new releases


  • previous experience leading marketing for technical/software projects

Bonus Qualifications

  • experience using and building blockchain applications and services

Other sections in each job description

Information to consider including in each job description or on a general “hiring” page

  • expectations for what the first 90 days might look like
  • details about the application & interview process
  • hiring timeline
  • expected compensation
  • other benefits

Interview Process

  • Before the interview
    • How do candidates start the process of applying for a role?
      • Do they need to submit a CV or can they simply point to their Github contributions?
    • Should the first step be some sort of informational conversation?
  • During the interview
    • Ask the candidate to describe their previous experience
    • Ask the candidates to frame their experience in terms of Polywrap values
    • Ask candidates their approach to real-world problems that we are facing, how they would assess various potential solutions
  • After the interview
    • Promptly follow-up with candidates (inclined or not)

Internal hiring process

  • Places to post jobs
    • Standard places (LinkedIn, Indeed)
    • Start-up job boards (AngelList)
    • web3 job boards
    • Strategic partners job boards
  • Recruiting tool(s)
    • Manage job listing
    • Candidate tracking (resumes, where they are in the pipeline, interview notes)
    • Interview scheduling
    • @keeevin has been exploring Ashby as a recruiting tool

This is fantastic! Really appreciate how well this:

  • Addresses multiple high-opportunity gaps we have
  • Lists a few extra nice-to-have sections for the post
  • Details the interview process

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