[Budget] Software Subscriptions

Discussion Period: Fri Apr 29 to Tue May 3, 2022
Voting Period: Wed May 4 to Fri May 6, 2022


  • Maintaining this thread for software subscription monthly reimbursements.
  • One Snapshot vote to initiate monthly reimbursements. Subsequent Snapshots are needed only when this proposal is modified (i.e. software added or removed).


Vendor Description Owner Start Date Price/Mo. Wallet
Ashby HR software Kevin Mon, May 7, 2022 $300 keeevin.eth

Software Info

Ashby (HR)

  • Native Ashby chrome extension for sourcing
  • Create complete visibility into the hiring pipeline with a visual Trello board view
  • Establish structured interview plan(s) for each department and job
  • Customizable feedback forms to collect the important info after each interview step
  • Streamlined offer-to-hire with embedded eSignature for Offer Letters
  • Jobs automatically posted to LinkedIn, Google Jobs, Indeed, Glassdoor
  • Documentation

This seems like a robust offering.

Is the quoted price for a “site license” or are there any other restrictions on the number of Polywrap users we can have?

Confirming that Ashby allows for unlimited users, with admin capabilities or just read-only (which is amazing for DAOs!).