Allow Adoption Pod to Reimburse Out-of-Pocket Contributor Expenses

Original Proposal Title: Adoption Pod – Allowable Expenses Update
Updated Title: Allow Adoption Pod to Reimburse Out-of-Pocket Contributor Expenses

Discussion Period #1: Aug 15-24, 2023
Voting Period #1: Aug 25-29, 2023
Snapshot #1 (Failed – Did not pass quorum): Link

Discussion Period #2: Aug 30, 2023 to Sep 13, 2023
Voting Period #2: Sep 13, 2023 to Sep 30, 2023
Snapshot #2: Link


Update the Adoption Pod’s allowable expenses to include reimbursing contributors for software/operation expenses paid. For example, Notion or domain hosting.

Link to original adoption pod proposal: Link

Edit Sep 13, 2023 – Clarifications:

  • Allowable Expenses refers to the things the Adoption Pod can spend on. Prior to this proposal, these expenses related to increasing Polywrap adoption. This may include:

    • Hosting, sponsoring or attending events (hackathons, conferences)
    • Content creation – articles, videos, graphics, brand assets
    • Marketing campaigns

After the proposal, Adoption Pod could also reimburse out-of-pocket contributor expenses. This is meant for administrative simplicity.

Why do we want to do this? Expenses aren’t directly tied to adoption, or are they?

This is a good question. The reason for this proposal is for administrative simplicity:

  • There’s already a Safe created for the adoption pod with available budget to cover these out-of-pocket expenses

  • The adoption pod could review out-of-pocket expenses and reimburse them without putting up new proposals each time

  • The initial reimbursement would be ~$6.3K total, but this amount reflects reimbursement across many months for multiple contributors. Monthly amounts are expected to be much less.

    • The monthly amounts would be low so it wouldn’t be worth the admin burden to create a separate pod/Safe to handle reimbursements

There’s many potential ways to handle this proposal, so I’m open to whichever process you all think is best.

Okay thank you for the response, that makes sense to me!