Adoption Pod Proposal

Discussion period: Tue Feb 14 to Tue Feb 21, 2023
Voting period: Wed Feb 22 to Fri Feb 24, 2023
Snapshot: Link

Polywrap Adoption Pod


Create a pod or working group with a low friction governance process to approve adoption-related expenses.

Pod’s Allowable Expenses

Expenses must relate to increasing Polywrap adoption. This may include:

  • Hosting, sponsoring or attending events (hackathons, conferences)
  • Content creation – articles, videos, graphics, brand assets
  • Marketing campaigns

Pod Members

Members will be responsible for meeting, organizing, deliberating and sharing progress about the pod.

The initial members:

  • Niraj
  • Emma
  • Ori
  • Rob

Members are unpaid for their work on the pod.

Pod Budget

Initial members will create a new Safe with $60K budget per year, funded by Polywrap DAO main.

Members can only spend on the allowable expenses shown above and must report expenses as the occur.

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