2023-02 - Design Contributions (Colin)


I’m proposing a new form of flexible contribution in which I’ll propose a set of high-level goals and a rough estimate of a set number of hours, independent of timeline. This will likely mostly just include work in the following goals, but could change based on the evolving needs of the DAO.

Areas of Focus

There are 4 main initiatives that I’d like to contribute to within this contribution agreement. They are:

  1. Polywrap Lab design and development (this was discussed briefly here)
  2. Wrapped Demo sites
  3. Wrapper Explorer Design and development
  4. Website updates and maintenance


Scope Time Commitment (Hrs) Rate ($/Hr) Cost ($)
TOTAL 160 $80 $12,800.00

Payment Details

For this agreement, I will create a time log that can be reviewed and paid out at the end of each month.

Stable coin payment to be made to: waxwing.eth


The velocity is a rough estimate, but I expect that I’ll use these hours over the course of the next 3-4 months, after which I would ask for a new bucket of hours.

Sponsor Review


  • Kevin
  • Ori


By submitting this proposal, I understand that the DAO and my sponsors will be evaluating whether my work meets the acceptance criteria. If it does not, the DAO will determine what percentage of the proposal cost to pay, if any.

I also understand that I may not begin work until it is confirmed that the Snapshot proposal has passed.

[ X ] I agree

Hey @cedric_waxwing, we wait 3 days for discussion before posting to snapshot. I’m not sure where this is documented though (cc @keeevin)… so no worries on the confusion.

A few questions on the proposal:

  • What is the scope of the “Polywrap Lab” exactly? I see that there is a rough mockup, but I’m interested in seeing something more like a list of feature / deliverables for the scope of this proposal.
  • What is meant by “Wrapped Demo sites”? Are you referring to our demo apps here: GitHub - polywrap/demos
  • By “Wrapper Explorer” I’m assuming you’re referring to wrappers.io?
  • What updates did you have in mind for the “website updates” section?

I understand that you marked this proposal as “flexible contribution” so I understand if you plan to understand the answers to these questions in the future as part of your work. Would just like a bit more clarify detail up-front though.

Also @keeevin do we have an allocation in the budget for this type of proposal right now?

Yes we have budget for this

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@dOrgJelli I’d also like to mention that we’re currently in the middle of a discussion on our Wrapper Registry, which is inevitably going to lead to a discussion on wrappers.io and where we’d want to take it, and given that we’re still arranging around what the key goals for 2023 are, I’d say that if point 3 does refer to wrappers.io, it might be premature.

That being said, I believe that the “wrappers explorer” refers to something else entirely, given the context of this proposal. (the context being our website)

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Apologies for the premature snapshot post! I’ve removed it for the time being.

Yes, so I see a big chunk of the scope (for the lab at least) as determining the features/deliverables for the initiative(s). It will be worthwhile to have a solid foundation here before visual design/development begins.

The wrapped demos could certainly include the demo sites you’ve listed since they need to fit with the new brand, but also I know there is a potential need for the metamask demo site as well.

The wrappers explorer was referring to the wrappers.io site, since it’s been mentioned by a few team members that it could greatly benefit from a redesign (especially now that we have rolled out the new branding). However, if like @Pileks says, it’s premature, then so be it! Potentially I could offer some UX insight while things are being arranged though?

The website updates was included in the case that we want to integrate GA, fix any potential bugs that pop up, etc.

I know this doesn’t add much clarity, but I think the best way to think about this proposal is that it’s essentially as if I’d be hired on as a part-time, hour-capped designer for Polywrap. I’ve done my best to determine the high level priorities from my perspective, but would pivot those based on the needs of the org.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’d definitely want to see this pushed forward, and I was one of those who chanted “Better UX!” for wrappers.io :smile:

I’ve forgotten that this is a flex proposal for 3-4 months, so on second thought, it seems perfectly reasonable, as I’d like to think that the wrappers.io stuff will be way better determined within the next month.


This sounds amazing @cedric_waxwing, thank you for explaining, very hyped about all of this!

Also I think wrappers.io help would be deeply appreciated. We could get started by having you looped into what’s happening there, and you could propose what you think is best. I think personally that a light UX / UI refresh would go a long way for the site’s current functionality, and it wouldn’t conflict at all with the new developments being made on the registry. I actually think the timing works quite well.

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It’s been a few days of discussion, should we get another vote posted!?

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Ok here’s the snapshot, everyone: