[2023-02-08] Foundation Legal Representation

Discussion period: Web Feb 8, 2023 to Mon Feb 13, 2023
Voting period: Tue Feb 14 to Thu Feb 16, 2023

Foundation Legal Representation


This proposal will make the Polywrap Foundation a client of DLx Law. DLx Law specializes in legal issues specific to the blockchain industry. They are recognized as one of the leading blockchain legal practices in the U.S. according to ranking firm Chambers and Partners.


  • This proposal is discussed and voted on
  • If approved, DLx Law will send an engagement letter for the foundation to sign and execute

DLx Obligation

  • DLx Law will be obligated to provide advice to further the interests of their client, which, if this proposal is approved, will be the Polywrap Foundation. Please note that DLx Law will not be advising individual WRAP-IOU holders or other individual participants in Polywrap.
  • If needed, individual Polywrap participants are advised to engage their own legal counsel

DAO Legal Liaisons

Advice to the Polywrap Foundation client will be attorney-client privileged. Accordingly, the Foundation may not share this advice with third parties, including individual Polywrap participants, without waiving attorney-client privilege. However, as appropriate we propose that non-privileged summaries of legal issues be distributed to the community of individual Polywrap participants.

The following individuals will be liaisons between the individual Polywrap participants, DLx Law, and the Polywrap Foundation:

  • Ori
  • Kevin
  • Nestor

These individuals will be responsible for receiving non-privileged legal summaries and reporting on those summaries to individual Polywrap participants.

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How will information be communicated to individual Polywrap participants?

Info will be communicated via non-summaries of legal issues be distributed to the community of individual Polywrap participants.

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