2023-01 – ETH for All Sponsorship

This is a proposal for Polywrap to be a ETH for All sponsor.

“Eth for All” is the online edition of ETH India, and attracts thousands of talented builders across the globe. The sponsorship attempts to give Polywrap exposure to hackathon participants and thousands of devs in the official Eth for All Discord server.

See sponsorship deck for complete details

Sponsorship Tier

  • $5,000 (Bronze)

  • Bounty amount: $2,000

  • This is prize money for hackers building using Polywrap technology

  • Polywrap’s engineering contributors are to be the judges for this bounty


  • Sponsor branding. Small logo on website, posters and creatives during the course of the hackathon
  • Access to hackathon community. Join community of 5,000+ hackers on Discord server + have a dedicated channel to promote Polywrap
  • Sponsor prize introductions. Host (Devfolio) will present our sponsor prize
  • Access to Linkedin/Github/Profiles of hackathon winners

Polywrap Contacts

These individuals will be the main point of contacts with the Eth for All team:

  • Kevin
  • Niraj

The other day we discussed this, and I’m all for it! Attendees: @Dr.Manhattan @Pileks @cbrzn @Jure @Kris @namesty (missing anyone?)


  • Version 0.9 of the toolchain is in a good place.
  • The breaking changes between 0.9 and 0.10 are not bad enough to warrant us postponing sponsoring events like this.
  • We’ll make sure to update the docs so that hackers have an up-to-date reference when getting introduced to Polywrap.
  • The budget seems reasonable.

I’m in full agreement to go forward with this!