2023-01 - Andriy - Tech Content


We want technical content that developers can consume to gain an understanding of Polywrap! I am proposing 2 intro engaging videos that will help developers quickly get up to speed on Polywrap. If this goes well & the team is happy with the results, then we can introduce more intermediate & advanced topics in future proposals.

Project Details

The proposal is for 2 introductory videos that will be put into the technical section of Polywrap.io (and can be also be put on youtube)

  1. “Intro To Polywrap”: a 3-6 minute explanation of what Polywrap is, how it’s different from a regular javascript sdk & why we are using web assembly. Some of the information I plan on referencing:
  • What is Polywrap
  • Polywrap vs Javascript sdk
  • Brief description of web assembly and why we are using it
  • Difference between wasm wrappers & plugins
  1. “Basic Example”: a 3-6 minute video that shows how to interact with wasm wrappers on the client
  • I will show a hello world & simple storage examples of how to add wrappers to your client and interact with them

Once I shoot the videos, I will also be gathering feedback from the team and making any adjustments to make sure the Polywrap team is happy with the result. If these videos go well, we can show more complicated examples of interacting with more advanced wrappers as well as writing & deploying wasm wrapper


My rate is $80/hour

Rough Estimate for both videos

  • 3.5 hours of research, write script, refine & rehearse for the videos

  • 1 hours to shoot both videos

  • 3.5 hours to edit both videos, add b-roll and add any feedback from the Polywrap team once they take a look. I May also give the team 2-3 variations for the first video to see which one the group prefers and we can follow the same format for future videos.

Total cost for 2 videos is 80*8 = $640


Hey @andriy, can you also include some of your personal background / portfolio so we can see the type of work you’ve created in the past?

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I have 7 years of experience as a software engineer, managing and building projects in front-end, back-end & solidity smart contracts. Since April, I went into web3 full time and currently consult with a few brands such as spindl.xyz, 0xmacro.com, among others.

Here is my linkedin for more background info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andriykulak/

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In 2022, I also started to cover technical content & work on that with brands. Here are 2 examples:

If you want me to cover anything else, let me know :slight_smile:

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Amazing! I’m all for this proposal, it’s super exciting :smiley: great to be connected @andriy

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Per ask from @keeevin , I confirm that 0x6F709dcf0303E7e32014a6b755CA7982E1E7aE36 is my address for payment.