2022-12 - Brand Refresh/Landing Page Design and Development


Polywrap has developed a community of passionate builders, creators, and visionaries over the past couple years, but we need to take some time for self-refelection and a closer look at our brand. We’ll use this page as a homebase for all things that relate to this overall initiative.

See the presentation here for more details.


This proposal will cover the first 2 of 3 proposed initiatives:

1. The Brand Refresh

This will consist of redoing our branding guidelines with the new logo, colors, and additional brand assets. In addition to this, a design system will be created in Figma to allow for optimal design consistency and maintainability for future design initiatives. The new branding assets can be rolled out to replace existing brand collateral (e.g. discord icons, marketing templates, etc).

2. Landing Page Design and Development

This will continue the design on the existing landing page mockup of the homepage, but also include content strategy for the remainder of the website. In order to create flexible but consistent high quality illustrations, I’ve sourced a webgl developer who can create an internal GUI for us to create configurable “blobs” based on custom parameters and allow us to export the result as a png or webgl canvas. This will be bare bones and we can adjust it in the future, but it will be much more cost-efficient to create this than have them just create each individual graphic themselves. They’ll also be creating a 3d illustration for the metaverse background and the “siloed software” illustration currently in the problem section of the site. The site will be developed using the same stack as the current one (e.g. React, Typescript, Material UI).

Note: While the copywriting still needs to be finished, it will be done in-house by Ori/Kevin, thus it will not be included in the estimate.


Scope Time Commitment (Hrs) Rate ($/Hr) Cost ($)
Branding Guidelines 15 $100 $1,500.00
Design System 15 $100 $1,500.00
Roll out updated brand collateral 20 $80 $1,600.00
Landing Page Design 16 $100 $1,600.00
Frontend Development 60 $80 $4,800.00
Webgl Development 24 $90 $2,160.00
Total Cost 150 $13,160.00

Payment Details

The webgl development will be subcontracted through me (Colin), so the final payment will still just go to my address.

Wallet Stablecoin
0x5E642f8C81DE40E7e49b6a2B606dFB94A005bC44 $13,160.00

Velocity & Estimated Timeline

The estimations below are a rough estimates, and will change throughout the course of the project depending on the phase (e.g. webgl work can happen in parallel to design, etc).

Target Weekly Velocity Estimated Start Estimated Duration
~20-30 Hours/Week 1-Dec-22 ~2-2.5 Months

Sponsor Review


  • Kevin
  • Ori


By submitting this proposal, I understand that the DAO and my sponsors will be evaluating whether my work meets the acceptance criteria. If it does not, the DAO will determine what percentage of the proposal cost to pay, if any.

I also understand that I may not begin work until it is confirmed that the Snapshot proposal has passed.

[ X ] I agree


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Hello all,

I am getting close to wrapping up the work described in this proposal! As the website was coming together, we realized that while we showcased an abstract view of “the solution” to the problem described, we didn’t actually do a very good job at “concretely” showcasing what polywrap does. For this reason, we have planned out relatively small revision to the flow of the website which will include something similar to The Graph’s section seen here. This can be used to quickly showcase Polywrap’s diverse set of use cases in a way that developers can easily understand. Since we didn’t initially include this in the proposal above, I have created a new snapshot proposal to approve the following amendment to the existing proposal which will include the extra hours needed for this work as well as an amendment to the webgl which ended up costing 5250 instead of the 2160 in the proposal (invoices linked here).

Scope Time Commitment (Hrs) Rate ($/Hr) Cost ($)
Branding Guidelines 15 $100 $1,500.00
Design System 15 $100 $1,500.00
Roll out updated brand collateral 20 $80 $1,600.00
Landing Page Design 16 $100 $1,600.00
Frontend Development 60 72 $80 $4,800.00 $5760.00
Webgl Development 24 58.33 $90 $2,160.00 $5250.00
Total Cost 150 196.33 $13,160.00 $17,210.00

Snapshot Link

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