2022-07 - ETHBarcelona Budget

Discussion Period: Fri Apr 29 to Wed May 4, 2022


ETHBarcelona is a Conference and Cultural Experience happening July 6-8, 2022. This is a proposal to determine our participation as a sponsor and which tier to choose.

Tiers range from 10K Euros (Bronze) to 150K Euros (Diamond). Price is paid in USDC + 21% VAT.

More details about the event and sponsorship tiers here.

Edit (May 3, 2022):

  • Confirmed that the Bronze option will include a small space where we can set up our booth
  • We should budget for any merchandise fees ($1.5K)
  • Example total cost: 10K Euros is about $10,600 + 21% VAT ($2,226) + Merch budget ($1,500-2,2000) = ~$15K

Edit (May 5, 2022):

  • This proposal is now a budget for all things ETHBarcelona (side events, lodging for DAO contributors, etc.), and not just for the sponsorship shown above.

Edit (May 10, 2022):

  • Proposal will include additional budget for flight and event tickets, accomodations, and business-related meals.
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Very “pro” this :star_struck: excited to see what others think

So excited to hear about this. Ori and I were talking about this during EthAmsterdam. That could be an excellent opportunity for Polywrap to do its first Sponsor. But as probably we don’t have the alpha for that date. We should think/concrete about what we aim with this sponsor: People to know what Polywrap is, why is important, get feedback, attract talent…

And from there choose a sponsor or a budget. I don’t think doing it just to expend money, is a great idea. What do you guys think?

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ETHBarcelona seems like an awesome conference but the sponsorships seem a bit pricey. For the same cost, I wonder if we could host a happy hour or other “non-official” event that we somewhere near the conference. Or perhaps we spend the same amount on swag (t-shirts, stickers, etc.) that might have a similar impact on brand recognition.

In my opinion, it seems worth it for the Bronze (~$15k total) if we treat it as an opportunity to recruit engineers. The timing is good for our product release too. It’d also be a good learning opportunity for us (e.g. getting data on engineer interest, recruiting, etc.).

Maybe people with more experience can tell, but the level/amount of engineers is not super high, in my opinion. But I think it could be an excellent opportunity to get feedback/data from some things. I would like to be part of creating/thinking of a way to do it. @dOrgJelli @evanjacobs and everyone, What do you think would be the most valuable to get feedback of, right now? Maybe the polywrap’s message, utility, benefits? And see if people understand it.

Or as @DaoAdvocate said the CLI, TS, and Rust clients?
Remember that there is not much space/time in a booth to make people try it, and if that is the objective, makes more sense to sponsor a hackathon.

If we do the bronce, I would aim to just spread the word, and see if the message is understood. Maybe incentive them with some exclusive merch for those that try CLI… And come with some feedback. But I would concrete as much as possible with our objetives.

Per our DAO meeting, we are leaning towards more guerrilla marketing in Barcelona (i.e. won’t be participating as sponsors at the main event). The exact details for marketing is TBD.

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