2022-03 - Reimbursement for Legal Fees

Title: Cayman Counsel Payments
Author: @keeevin
Discussion Period: Thu Apr 7 to Tue Apr 12, 2022
Voting Period: Thu Apr 7 to Tue Apr 12, 2022 (Pre-Approved Spending. See below).
Snapshot Link: https://snapshot.org/#/polywrap.eth/proposal/0xd52d59d82702ef786d050657bc21afd2110e27c555f2aa53d82411bb2e37242c


This proposal approves payment for Cayman counsel services.


Vendor/Grantee: Cayman Counsel (Walkers)
Amount Due: $17,495.55.
Description: For services rendered from Jan to Mar 2022 in relation to the formation of the foundation and review of documents such as bylaws.
Notes: Walkers does not accept stable coins. This is a reimbursement to dOrgJelli who will be paying them in fiat.
A $45K budget for Q1 legal fees was established in Budget-001.

Wallet Information

Vendor/Grantee Amount (USDC) Wallet
dOrgJelli (Reimbursement) $17,495.55 0xB1B7586656116D546033e3bAFF69BFcD6592225E