2022-03 Distributions

Author: @keeevin
Discussion Period: Thu Apr 7 to Mon Apr 11, 2022
Voting Period: Fri Apr 8 to Tue Apr 12, 2022
Snapshot: Link

Note: All of the distributions below have been pre-approved.


2022-03 USDC distribution for:

Entity/Person Proposal Discussion Link Snapshot Voting USDC Wallet
CIDT Toolchain Dev Link Link 4,000 cidt.eth
CIDT Hub Link Month-to-Month 19,400 cidt.eth
CIDT Tech Facilitator Link Link 9,675 cidt.eth
CIDT Polyfolio Link Link 29,357 cidt.eth
dOrg Flex Contributors + Margin Link Link 15,189.25 0x09b0d46189d3f94e692c1ccaafa071a199687b7c
NeuralField Persistance Node Link Link 10,080 0x3193DE955136dF26Cd44E2C0e6ffb1717F9b402C
WHYTEWYLL Data Analytics Link Link 1,807.50 0xe5a45516Df5D11e54E96557Fc128E8401d2b54cB
nftvtuber Technical Writer Link Link 2,200 0xb1332307Bd818Db68e372269FD515F6523cd4BCE
dOrgJelli Reimbursement (Legal) Link Link 17,495.55 0xB1B7586656116D546033e3bAFF69BFcD6592225E

TOTAL USDC: 109,205

2022-02 & 2022-03 WRAP-IOU for dOrg Flex Contributors:

Entity/Person WRAP-IOU Wallet
Kobby 0.621 0x62aCE5D0B7b53A717d14Cd6f2fB697a17B998810
Muath 0.162 0xBC514De784B49dC43282F8340EbC3aa7B86Da12A
Magenta 0.018 0x152ad2e12e102abf64280c5e3d70257effb0ede0
Angus 0.060 0x75D3a3e96314b656e5a06E82626f03a4B4D0EE77
PhilH 0.036 philh.p2p.eth
Mery 0.027 0x74fc1287d73869f795b1179576c7b1a99203eaf7
Colin 0.0465 0x5e642f8c81de40e7e49b6a2b606dfb94a005bc44



  • dOrg
    • We didn’t pay the 10% dOrg margin on committed contributors for March yet. That amount is reflected in the $15,189.25 due to dOrg. Reconciliation below.

One minor detail:
It looks like the month is repeated in “2022-03 & 2022-03 WRAP-IOU for dOrg Flex Contributors”.
Should that be “2002-02 & 2022-03” or something else?

Fixed, thanks.

I can’t fix the proposal in the Snapshot link but it does reference this forum discussion.

It should be 2022-02 and 2022-03 distributions for dOrg flex.