2022-03 - Committed Contributor Distribution

Discussion Period: Mon Mar 28 to Fri Mar 31, 2022
Voting Period: Mon Mar 28 to Fri Mar 31, 2022 (Pre-approved proposal)
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Distribution for committed contributors for March 2022.

See Initialize Contributor Compensation Framework.


  • Colin has opted out of being a committed contributor beginning March 1, 2022.
  • This proposal only includes recurring distributions for committed contributors.
  • Follow-on proposals will include non-recurring ones, such as dOrg Flex budget, dOrg’s margin, and other dev shops’ project proposals.

Payment Details

Contributor USD / Mo. Wallet
Kevin 14,583.33 keeevin.eth
Evan 14,583.33 0x363Cd931403c4A7251E064bD26E7542ea9699f5c
dOrg Committed Contributors 82,812.50 0x09b0d46189d3f94e692c1ccaafa071a199687b7c
TOTAL 111,979.17 USDC


A) dOrg Committed Contributors

Contributor USD / Mo.
Jordan 14,583.33
Jure 14,583.33
Nestor 12,500.00
Niraj 12,500.00
Kris 12,500.00
Roberto 12,500.00
Ori 3,645.83
TOTAL 82,812.50 USDC

Some clarifications:

  • This proposal doesn’t include dOrg’s Flex Contributors and project proposals. The reasoning is that these contributors are still confirming their hours for March 2022.

    • The committed contributors shouldn’t need to wait for all project proposals to be signed off by sponsors, and all hours to be inputted.
  • dOrg’s margin for March 2022 will be included along with the distribution for flex contributors.

Status: Executed
Signatures: multi-sig nonce 37
Transaction: 0x29e17c5a7e05a041205230c3f2c138f5fc98b640085e872b95a44e868a5b8013