2022 03, 04 - Grant Proposal - PWV

Name: PWV

Organization: pwvconsultants.com

Requested Grant:

| Wallet | Stable Coins | WRAP | Hours | Rate / Hr. | Period |

| ------ | ------------- | ------ | ----- | ---------- | ------ |

| 0x2Af295f35565E6D02a47335C0F6a6388e83f243E | 52800 USDC | 0 | 320 | 165 USDC | Mar. 2022 |

| 0x2Af295f35565E6D02a47335C0F6a6388e83f243E | 52800 USDC | 0 | 320 | 165 USDC | Apr. 2022 |


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PWV is a development shop with expertise in code architecture. Previously, we have contributed technical research and code architecting services to Polywrap, in the form of research documents, architecture plans, and implementation proposals and details.

PWV is looking to expand their engagement with Polywrap in order to undertake bigger projects within reasonable timeframes. Two of those larger projects are presented below, as well as a general backlog of issues that we would be interested in proposing on and implementing.


Mar. 2022

Second Client Implementation

Polywrap markets itself as a cross-platform, cross-linguistic tool. We believe that implementing a second client in another language would benefit the project greatly in these early stages. We have created a proposal concerning this, which we estimate will take roughly 120-160 hours to implement effectively.


  • Improved Query Recipes: increase the complexity of query recipes. Currently, query recipes are simple and straightforward, allowing only for side effects with no way to pass values back and forth. This proposal would explore concepts like DSLs and visual programming to see where we can take the query recipes feature next to better suit Polywrap’s goals; associated spikes and implementation will likely be another large project in and of themselves, though on a slightly smaller scale (roughly 80-110 hours to get an MVP).

  • Template Projects Assume Yarn: currently the CLI assumes Yarn as the preferred JS package manager; this should be changed to allow for better developer ergonomics.

Apr. 2022

Wrapper Dependency Locking

Recent discussion and advances in the linking/bundling pipeline have reinforced the necessity of a dependency locking format for wrappers. We wrote some research and an architecture plan on this topic in September of 2021 and estimate an implementation of the proposed features would take roughly 140-200 hours.