2022-02 - Grant Proposal - dOrg Ops

dOrg Ops Team

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0x09b0d46189d3f94e692c1ccaafa071a199687b7c $17,925.60 12.6900 14+ varies by person Feb 2022


Fulltime Core-Contributors have been switched to a monthly fixed rate:(Snapshot)


dOrg will continue providing development services to support Polywrap’s alpha release and initial integrations.

Contributor log - Operations

** Automations:**

  • Set up Discord member counter bot
  • Update Dyno Premium subscription and turn on reminder bot
  • Update welcome bot message content
  • Webhooks for GH repo updates (Defiwrapper, Polyfolio, Integrations, Demos)
  • Set up Auto roles for onboarding members (Dev, Marketing, and Ops emoji reactions)
  • Fix member logger bot not working, requiring bot-re setup across the server.

** Data:**

  • Coordination calls with juan about his proposal to develop a data pipeline
  • Schedule calls to push forward the effort, while polishing the scope, methodology and deliverable
  • Feedback sessions with Juan, Kevin, Evan, Colin, Jure, Niraj

** Dework:**

  • Lead the first implementation dework with our ecosystem.
  • Set up the platform and shortcut domain (https://board.polywrap.io)
  • Set up tasks for contributors to pick, review requests and assign them.
  • Follow up with contributors to ensure they’re being able to progress.
  • Re-assign tasks for which collaborators have gone MIA
  • Set up “job board” channel on discord
  • Apply for Dework beta (we were accepted)
  • Adding webhooks for discord automations
  • Detailed process writeup to get a task assigned
  • Set up Automated Dyno bot explanations to get the task assigned
  • Set up snapshot proposal to approve the first test budget for this board (Snapshot)
  • Coordinate with kevin to create a folloup proposal for extra funds

** Ops and Payments:**

  • Set up minihacks token minting for Q4 2021 rewards on gnosis safe
  • Processing dOrg Polygon payment and worklogs, including set up of new gnosis safe for the team
  • Reviewing other payments and signing transactions in the main DAO’s treasury
  • Set up Utopia Labs
  • Compensation sync, planning and feedack
  • Token holder analysis
  • Roadmap and org structuring
  • Onboarding and handoffs

** Uniswap PM:**

  • Post updates to public channels about the status of the effort
  • Review documentation for UniV3 wrapper
  • Syncs and calls with Kris, Kevin and Jure
  • Review pull request with improved, comprehensive, and structured documentation

** Partnerships**

  • Community call with True Ventures and DAO members
  • Reviewing Blockwatch’s Tezos implementation
  • Assisting a call with Blockwatch to check their progress
  • Preparing onboarding flow for new partners
  • Token purchase calls with DLx
  • Toucan partnership call

** Polyfolio PM:**

  • Call with muath to update status and feedback on the polyfolio frontend after his time away
  • Front end stack discussions and considerations with Defiwrapper and CIDT collaborators.

** Defiwrapper:**

  • Calls with other contributors
  • Help with orientation and onboarding of CIDT into the polyfolio work group

Detailed worklog by each builder