2022-02 - Grant Proposal - dOrg Engineering

dOrg Engineering Team

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0x09b0d46189d3f94e692c1ccaafa071a199687b7c $78,070.16 16.53 120.5+ varies by person Feb 2022


Fulltime Core-Contributors have been switched to a monthly fixed rate: (Snapshot)


dOrg will continue providing development services to support Polywrap’s alpha release and initial integrations.

Contributor log

Releases (Releases · polywrap/monorepo · GitHub)

Monthly Work Log Items

  • uniswapv3: wrapper mutation tests
  • uniswapv3: wrapper mutation tests, front end interface;
  • monorepo: eth plugin bug fix PR#665, dapp cli command PR#599
  • uniswapv3: documentation; communications, created issue, admin tasks
  • uniswapv3: documentation;
  • monorepo: docgen
  • monorepo: eslint bug fix PR#679
  • big number types research
  • polywrap communication
  • defiwrapper: intro sync; communications/administrative
  • review and sign gnosis safe transaction
  • add ““pack”” to Ethereum plugin
  • Rust Wasm runtime fixes and re-writes (Commits · polywrap/monorepo · GitHub):
    • Error context
    • Unhandled reading cases and integers re-write
    • Implemented “peeking” functions
    • Unhandled writing cases and integers re-write
  • Ethereum Rust wrapper R&D [WIP] (GitHub - polywrap/monorepo at namesty/rust-eth-wrapper)
  • Build-env image overwriting by namesty · Pull Request #678 · polywrap/monorepo · GitHub
  • monorepo: Update and test all wasm-rs wrappers
  • monorepo: Minor fix in wasm-rs output/sanity test-cases
  • monorepo: w3_env, MutationEnv, QueryEnv
  • monorepo: DecodeError & EncodeError impl for codegen
  • monorepo: Rust-AssemblyScript error messages sync
  • monorepo: Minor changes
  • monorepo: Refactor ReadDecoder + integer range error checks
  • monorepo: Major fixes in wasm-rs runtime (MsgPack impl)
  • monorepo: Improved MsgPack encoding logic
  • monorepo: More unit tests + remove type-checking in closures
  • monorepo: Improved error messages in output/sanity test-cases
  • monorepo: Add context messages in output/sanity test-cases
  • monorepo: Refactor schema bindings + finish up codegen error prop
  • monorepo: Minor fixes in schema bindings + output/sanity
  • monorepo: Improved logic for nullable (optional) reads + minor fixes
  • monorepo: Temp debug logging + error propagation in MsgPack impl
  • monorepo: MsgPack Extension type implementation
  • monorepo: Add context print in ReadDecoder


  • Polyfolio FE code commits, structure, optimizations, testing & deployment
  • Polyfolio CIDT TailWindCSS integration testing & layout fixes
  • defiwrapper token resolvers
  • Meetings & syncs


  • Meetings, syncs internally and with partners
  • Research
  • Issue Triaging
  • Answer Questions
  • Helping Others
  • Compensation Discussion

Detailed worklog by each builder