2022-02 - Contributor Grants

Author: @keeevin
Discussion Period: Fri Mar 11 to Tue Mar 15
Voting Period: Tue Mar 15 to Thu Mar 18

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February Payments for:

  • dOrg (Committed & Non-Committed Contributors)
  • CIDT - Hub
  • Kevin & Evan (Ops Contributors)
  • Juan (Data Project)
  • Cowrie LLC (Tax Consultant)
  • NeuralField (Dev Shop)

Note: dOrg’s logs include WRAP-IOU for non-committed contributors. At this time, I am looking into how to best reward non-committed contributors in WRAP-IOU. Once an appropriate method is agreed-upon, we could retroactively reward in WRAP-IOU, if needed.

Note 2: The DAO should aim to stop tracking hours. It has done this with committed contributors, but not yet with non-committed (Juan and a few dOrg members). For Feb, these contributors will be hourly, but going forward, they may submit project proposals with fixed monthly fees.

Note 3: Going forward, we shouldn’t need a discussion period for previously approved compensation frameworks and project proposals.

Payment Information

Entity / Person Category USD Address Support Notes
dOrg Committed Team 79,608.88 0x09b0d46189d3f94e692c1ccaafa071a199687b7c Compensation Framework A
dOrg Non-Committed Contributors 9,895.00 0x09b0d46189d3f94e692c1ccaafa071a199687b7c dOrg Logs B
dOrg 10% Margin Dev Shops 8,950.39 0x09b0d46189d3f94e692c1ccaafa071a199687b7c dOrg Logs C
Kevin Team 14,583 0x937F5b32Bc3cafcd1B02462F93e6AE5a843f6C6A Compensation Framework
Evan Team 7,291.50 0x363Cd931403c4A7251E064bD26E7542ea9699f5c Compensation Framework
CIDT - Hub Dev Shops 19,200 0x17eB717A1b67D263216a116EaF398D52FB409789 Ongoing Proposal
NeuralField Dev Shops 2,080 0x3193DE955136dF26Cd44E2C0e6ffb1717F9b402C Persistence Node
Juan Contributor 1,690.50 0xe5a45516Df5D11e54E96557Fc128E8401d2b54cB Data Project Grant D
PWV Dev Shops 13,462.02 0x6F2aC911479A921cddB68FDB0cC027Ca1e0C1Ea0 See PWV Invoice Line Items Below E
Cowrie LLC Legal 15,000 0x931e7bC12734837B32c0C0854BeBc68F2ac3451d Budget-001

Total: $171,761.29


A) dOrg Committed Contributors

Contributor Role Commitment Monthly (USD) Value Level
Jordan Engineer 100% 14,583 5
Jure Engineer 100% 14,583 5
Nestor Engineer 100% 7,421.88 4
Niraj Engineer 100% 12,500 4
Kris Engineer 100% 12,500 4
Roberto Operations 100% 12,500 4
Colin Engineer 15% 1,875 4
Ori Operations 25% 3,646 5

Total: $79,608.88

Note: Nestor will typically be $12,500/month. He started late in February, and so his pay was prorated for the time he worked.

B) dOrg Non-Committed Contributors

Contributor Project Hours USD
Kobby Rust Support 103.5 8,280
Muath Polyfolio 17 1,105
Magenta Operations 3 150
Angus Operations 5 0
PhilH Advising 6 0
Mery Branding 4.5 360

Total: $9,895

C) dOrg Payment Calculation

Total USD for dOrg Contributors: $89,503.88

dOrg 10% Margin: $8,950.39

Total due for dOrg (110% of Total USD): $98,454.27

D) Juan’s Hours

See Juan’s hourly log spreadsheet.

His hourly rate is $150/hour and he did 11.27 hours in Feb 2022. The amount due for Feb is $1,690.50.

E) PWV Invoice Line Items

NeuraField’s proposal was for a month-long grant and submitted before our new structured template.
I can resubmit it starting from March using the new template. (I was gonna do it anyway near the end of the current proposal).
February compensation could be determined based on hours spent, which was 13. So, 13 * $160 = $2080.
Does that all sound good?

Thanks, Jure. I’ve updated to $2,080 for Feb 2022.

For March, here’s CIDT’s to use as an example: https://forum.polywrap.io/t/cidt-polyfolio-application/223.

It has the following sections:

  • Proposal Justification
  • Requested Grant
  • Roadmap
  • SP Team Roles & SP Cost
  • Velocity & Estimated Timeline
  • Sponsor Review

For the roadmap, I don’t think you should need to spec it out in so much detail. I’m thinking it could be a general overview of your roadmap, and a link to the Github project page.

Let me know if that works or if you have any questions!

I was 50% in February and became 100% at the beginning of March.

Updated amount in Feb, thanks.