2022-01 - Grant Proposal - dOrg Ops

dOrg Ops Team

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0x09b0d46189d3f94e692c1ccaafa071a199687b7c 3,338.89 58.7650 86.75 varies by person Jan 2022




dOrg will continue providing development services to support Polywrap’s alpha release and initial integrations.

Contributor log - Operations


  • Add Craig Bot voicecall recorder bot to discord
  • attempt to configure video recording with OBS to document community calls


  • Organization plans and structure Call with evan kevin ori
  • Strategic plan and activities to grow next year and reach organizational goals Sync with Evan, Ori, Kevin
  • Help to develop goals
  • Read Evans org plan
  • Call sync with kevin
  • Async chats with ori kevin evan on compensation and objectives and organisational goals
  • Legal sync with Ori and Kevin
  • catch up with hypersphere
  • Raise call with Joel Ori Kevin Jordan
  • async chats about the raise with kevin jordan ori ron
  • first dev call of the year, follow up with messages
  • Governance outline draft review
  • ops async chats on telegram and discord
  • gov constitution draft
  • Placeholder legal call
  • review legal emails
  • contributor comp planning & modeling with Kevin
  • DLX calls
  • review memorandum, bylaws, token purchase agreement;
  • organizational structure + compensation planning w/ Evan & Kevin
  • Hypersphere update call
  • clean up jurisdiction collection sheet
  • discussions around business strategy for future partners with Jordan
  • Chainsafe negotiation discussions with Jordan, Kevin, and Ori
  • ChainSafe <> W3F Grant
  • Dev Mining Distribution Proposal
  • Legal Sync
  • Placeholder Sync
  • Legal Sync
  • Hypersphere Sync
  • Kevin Ops Sync
  • True Ventures Sync
  • Kevin & Evan Ops Sync
  • Legal Sync


  • Assist Minihacks presentation by all mini hackers
  • Coordinate Presentation by Alphakey from Predaswap
  • Debugging submission not showing on list to receive tokenlog.xyz votes
  • Debugging Minihacks reminder bot
  • minihacks demos


  • Sync Call with Ori, Ernesto, and Diego
  • Planning Q1 marketing strategy with Ernesto and Diego
  • Landing Page issue triage
  • Re-reading docs and handbook
  • Twitter posts interactions and maintenance


  • Sync and writing down update on discord
  • Coordinate Josh’s payment

Community, chats, and engagement

  • Discord chats and coordination
  • async chats and catch up with messages


  • Checking Payout Transactions and processing payouts
  • Coordinate Muath’s payment
  • set up new sheets and ping devs for hours
  • prep grant proposals
  • create and finalize grant proposals
  • create payout proposal

Detailed worklog by each builder