2022-01, 02, 03 - Grant Proposal - Codentell

Name: Drew Hoang

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0xb1332307Bd818Db68e372269FD515F6523cd4BCE 4000 USDT 0 WRAP 80 hours 50 USDT, 0 WRAP Jan 2022


  • We noted that no WRAP will be allocated to this proposal.
  • Proposal is still in progress and will be included in March 2022 payment batch.


New Contributor Proposal Snapshot


My name is Drew, and I have experience in teaching and technical writing for about four years. My background is in edtech, teaching people with no experience in data analytics, machine learning, and software engineering. I want to contribute to also learning web3.0 technologies in the future to keep my skills sharp in the future and make my future students learn the web3 space and become more resilient.


I am relatively new to Web3, so onboarding myself on polywrap?

My goals and contributions are:

  • Review the structure of the writing for Polywrap grammatically and technically.
  • Make video content to get people started in Polywrap.
  • Add Diagrams to the docs to help onboard developers to use Polywrap.
  • Maybe make some tutorials, either docs or videos on what you can do with polywrap.
  • The goal is to make videos and teach polywrap to newcomers or web2.0 developers for use.

I am trying to provide excellent documentation and video examples of setting up some beautiful samples for people interested in polywrap.


@codentell has provided his log for Feb and Mar, and I approve of payment. Both of these months will be added to the March payment batch.