2021-12 - Grant Proposal - Keeevin

Name: Kevin

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0x937F5b32Bc3cafcd1B02462F93e6AE5a843f6C6A 5,600 USDT 16 WRAP 80 Hours 70 USDT , 0.20 WRAP Dec 2021


Continue working on the community handbook as well as various ops such as legal work. 3/4th month due to the holidays.


Hiring Strategy

  • Update website with career page and post job descriptions
  • Update community handbook with template for spending proposals


  • Met with Legal each week and correspond with them via email
  • Met with candidates for entity representatives
  • Write DAO memos for announcing potential token sale and entity formation
  • Read and review legal documentation
  • Gathered documentation (e.g. token distribution history)


  • Weekly sync meetings
  • Met with candidate for a technical writer / dev advocate role

Contact Info

Name: Kevin
Discord: keeevin#7783