2021-12, 2022-01 - Grant Proposal - Evan Jacobs

Name: Evan Jacobs
Organization: n/a

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0x363Cd931403c4A7251E064bD26E7542ea9699f5c 0 USDT 21 WRAP 20 hours 0 USDT, 1.05 WRAP Dec 2021
0x363Cd931403c4A7251E064bD26E7542ea9699f5c 0 USDT 42 WRAP 40 hours 0 USDT, 1.05 WRAP Jan 2022




I am relatively new to Web3 but I have a long history in software engineering and engineering management. I worked at Amazon for almost 15 years in both SDE and SDM capacities on a variety of teams including Amazon Prime, Alexa, and Amazon Music. In particular, I am experienced in managing engineering teams, establishing engineering best practices, ensuring operational excellence for systems, and planning engineering roadmaps.

I first learned about Polywrap during the UniCode Hackathon where my project “Uniswap API Explorer” was selected as one of the finalists. I am impressed by the vision for Polywrap and I believe that Polywrap will play an important role in helping both experienced and new engineers incorporate Web3 technology into their applications.

Specifically, I would like to contribute to Polywrap in the following ways:

  • Develop an engineering organization plan that will scale reliably as the number of contributors grows. Among other things, this plan needs to consider how to maximize each contributor’s efficiency while maintaining a high bar for quality and minimizing disruptions/meetings/randomizations.
  • Help with the release of Polywrap Hub by ensuring that all aspects of operational readiness have been considered and that that application meets high standards of availability and performance.
  • Help individual engineers (in both group and 1:1 settings) understand the impact of their work and discover ways for them to grow in their careers. Engineering career growth may be especially interesting/challenging in these new kinds of structures and I’m interested to discover the best ways to foster this growth.
  • Recruit engineers from outside the organization to contribute to Polywrap. In particular, I am interested in encouraging diversity in the Polywrap engineering community as I believe that diversity will directly result in better products.


December 2021

  • Reviewed existing Polywrap artifacts including Handbook, Roadmap, Values, etc.
  • Interviewed leads through 1:1 meetings
  • Researched how other DAOs were tackling similar questions around organization growth and complexity
  • Wrote first draft of proposed organizational plan
  • Attended various team meetings (e.g. 2021 Retrospective)

January 2022

  • Finalized Organizational Plan doc and circulated for feedback
  • Incorporated feedback into Organizational Plan
  • Began working on Next Steps identified in Organizational Plan
    • Met with leads to capture their current development goals and their perceived requirements for Alpha
    • Created release roadmap with requirements for Alpha and beyond
  • Established regular cadence of meetings with Ori and Kevin around Compensation and Org Structure

Looks like a great proposal and proven experience. The hack submission for Unicode was also stellar. :clap:

Just voted FOR! Would be very happy to have you as a contributor, Evan :slight_smile:

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