2021-11 - Grant Proposal - Trevor Sundberg

Name: Trevor Sundberg

Organization: N/A

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0xE18505A3Ce72Da815CA4Fb4cd81ae9617778551b 0 USDT `` 10 / month 0 USDT, 1.05 WRAP Nov 2021 - Jan 2022




I graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology and worked in the game industry for 8 years, including companies like Monolith and Sucker Punch. Since then I helped create the web isolation startup S2 Systems, and shortly after was acquired by Cloudflare in 2020 where I’ve been working since.

I specialize in JavaScript/TypeScript, and C++. I also have a very deep understanding of WebAssembly, having implemented a WASM + WASI VM for the Roku.

Polywrap caught my interest back when it was the Web3API, as the idea of fusing WebAssembly and Web3 protocols to create an ecosystem is the future. Moreover, the idea that Polywrap is almost an operating system itself, with module loading and unloading, a well defined host interface, and package management makes it attractive.

I intend to help by providing consulting where possible, especially on anything related to software engineering and design specs.

Contributor log

2021-11 Completed projects



Trevor has been a great mentor to me, and his teachings were fundamental in understanding how to build Polywrap in the first place. I’ve spoken to him privately regarding the project, and think he’d make an amazing technical advisor for the project.

He was able to quickly understand what we’re building, ask inquisitive questions regarding the architecture, and make recommendations for things we can / should do going forward into the future. With this proposal passed, we’ll be able to speak freely with Trevor regarding any technical / architectural problems we’re encountering or exploring, and gather his feedback. All the while getting him compensated in gov tokens to help further direct the project into the future.

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