2021-11 - Grant Proposal - Keeevin

Name: Kevin

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0x937F5b32Bc3cafcd1B02462F93e6AE5a843f6C6A 11,200 USDT 32 WRAP 160 Hours 70 USDT , 0.20 WRAP Nov 2021


This month, I’ve worked on strategy and processes around contributor compensation and recruiting as we begin to ramp up hiring. I’ve also worked with legal, operations, and creating our community handbook.


Hiring Strategy (50 hours)

  • Created discord discussions around hiring strategy
    • Hourly vs. salary compensation
    • Working groups (pods)
    • Values, visions, and purpose brainstorming
    • Discuss roadmaps and milestones for each working group
    • Work with Roberto on non-technical hires
    • Meet with and interview engineers (Kevin Bluer, Evan Jacobs, etc.)

Legal (20 hours)

  • Legal strategy for Polywrap DAO
    • NOTE: This section has details left out due to the nature of legal discussions

Ops (65 hours)

  • Created community handbook to help in onboarding new contributors
  • Misc. ops including correspondence with Bytecode Alliance, funders, and more
  • Seek partnerships through networking events (like NFT.NYC) and talking with other DAOs
  • Create the process for Polywrap Improvement Proposals (PIPs)

Research (25 hours)

  • Research a number of DAO and open source projects for best operating practices
    • Research report and implementation expected to be done in December 2021

Contact Info

Name: Kevin
Discord: keeevin#7783