2021-11 - Grant Proposal - dOrg Operations

dOrg Ops Team

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0x09b0d46189d3f94e692c1ccaafa071a199687b7c $4,486.11 87.0975 115.25 varies by person Nov 2021

This includes ops hours on the PolyFolio/DefiWrapper grant.


To be posted


dOrg will continue providing operations support for Polywrap’s alpha release and initial integrations.

Contributor log - Operations

  • Ops syncs
  • Legal syncs
  • Document Review
  • Proposals & DAO Ops
  • Research on options, legal
  • Metaverse API thesis generation
  • Edit treasury diversification proposal
  • Process multisig transactions
  • Ops syncs, adoption strategy session
  • Investor updates
  • Discord server management and bot automations
  • Call re: Coordinape app for payments
  • Call re: dev mining distribution
  • Grant prep and research
  • Defiwrapper grant review, approval and execution
  • Writing job descriptions for several roles and functionalities
  • Research on L1 protocol usage
  • Research specialization areas and identify the most rewarding development paths for the DAO
  • Synthesised various thesis for growth and discussed them as threads on discord
  • Created new private integrations pipeline, and migrating part of the old integratins repo: Integrations Pipeline · GitHub
  • Reach out, calls, and async contact with external teams
  • Research multichain integration, compare top chains EVMs, L1s, and creating a network graph : Polywrap Network – Graph Commons
  • Reviewing notes from past LP meetings

Detailed worklog by each builder