2021-10 - Grant Proposal - Ron (Seed Fundraise preparation + execution)

Name: Ron Boger

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Requested grant

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0x355382c41dEBaC9FF3161Eaa37472e8EFEB0DB6a 0 USDT 100 WRAP N/A 0 USDT , 1.05 WRAP Apr 28 2021 - Oct 28 2021


These are my contributions from spending proposal 017, made back in April 2021. My role was as an advisor to polywrap as a domain expert in venture fundraising.


  • Rebranded website: After sparse initial input, this was driven by other team members.
  • Pitch deck: Done. I worked closely with Kevin, Jordan, Ori, and Roberto to devise a compelling pitch narrative around Polywrap. After many back-and-forths and redesigns, we now have a compelling pitch for the Polywrap seed.
  • CRM: I created a CRM to track and rate potential backers.
  • Pitch practice: I practiced the pitch and narrative numerous times with Jordan and Kevin.
  • Valuation: Provided feedback on Kevin and Ori’s valuation model, in addition to conversations with existing backers to determine a new valuation.
  • Legal Entity formed: served as a thought partner to Ori and provided information from Boba legal formation.

Given that many of the above deliverables were driven by other members, I decided to include execution of the fundraiser as well (which was originally planned to be a separate proposal).

My contributions to the fundraise execution include:

  • Introductions to and backchanneling with several VCs
  • Joining pitch calls to provide feedback to Jordan and Kevin on the pitch, as well as helping determine quality of potential backers
  • General advising on the deck and project management
  • Strategic discussions on determining backers, strategizing cap table composition, and organizing a VC funding round

References: Jordan, Kevin, Ori, Roberto




Looks great to me! Amazing work, and thanks so much for all your help & insight. Was super helpful :smiley:


LGTM, Ron!

Appreciate your time and effort to make this a stellar project :zap: