2021-10 - Grant Proposal - Kevin

Name: Kevin

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0x937F5b32Bc3cafcd1B02462F93e6AE5a843f6C6A 5,520 USDT 54 WRAP 120 Hours 46 USDT , 0.45 WRAP Oct 2021


I’ll be prioritizing Polywrap’s treasury diversification strategy, while still maintaining our relationships with Launch Partners and potentially meeting new ones.

I’ll also be performing general administrative work, answering contributor questions, and more.

Contributor summary

Treasury Diversification

  • Met with numerous strategic partners alongside Jordan, Ron, Ori and Roberto
  • Follow-up discussions on which partners are a good fit for Polywrap
  • Further advising and working on the pitch deck

Developer Relations

  • Meet with the NEAR foundation to describe Polywrap. Met with their business development team, grants team, engineers, and more
  • Met with launch partner Composable Finance and sign them on as a Launch Partner

Legal / Operations / Admin

  • Discuss Polywrap legal strategy and intro Polywrap team to legal attorney
  • General admin around treasury diversification strategy, including updating the CRM table
  • Several meetings with Utopia Labs to test out and give feedback for their contributor payment system, possibly implementing it soon for Polywrap
  • Created HackMD document to list tax and legal strategies including entity formation and pros and cons of the entity structure
  • Wrote proposal draft for moving the GR11 grant funds to separate Gnosis safe, to fund the development of the DeFi wrapper dapp

Uni Code Hackathon

  • Work with Jordan on Uni workshop for the Uni Code <> EthGlobal Hackathon
  • Assist EthGlobal hackathon participants with any questions that they may have
  • Prepare to become a judge for the hackathon through ETHGlobal’s judge training