2021-10 - Grant Proposal - dOrg Engineering

dOrg Engineering Team

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0x09b0d46189d3f94e692c1ccaafa071a199687b7c 39,516.67 187.425 538.5 varies by person Oct 2021


To be posted


dOrg will continue providing development services to support Polywrap’s alpha release and initial integrations.

Contributor log

Releases (Releases · polywrap/monorepo · GitHub)

Features & Fixes

  • Working on:
    • feat: add error handler for dapp
    • fix: e2e tests
    • feat(registry-dapp-demo): verify version before proposing
    • feat: dockerize the version-verifier client api and ui
    • feat: add setup command to verifier-client
    • feat: add waitForEthereumNode function
    • feat: add reason for not approved
    • feat: add getImplementations support in monorepo
    • WIP: Cancle In Progress Query

Code Review

Detailed worklog by each builder