2021-09 - Grant Proposal - dOrg Ops

dOrg Ops Team

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0x09b0d46189d3f94e692c1ccaafa071a199687b7c 3,708.33 44.98 76.5 varies by person Sept 2021

*Note: Roberto’s level option changed this period, but the adjustment didn’t make it into this post. In October a correction will be added to square the accounting: -$2,311.11 and +22.4 WRAP


To be posted


dOrg will continue providing operations support for Polywrap’s alpha release and initial integrations.

Contributor log - Operations


  • Paid for and configured Dyno Premium bot. (Dyno)
  • Automations (Added welcome message, minihack reminders, auto role, notifications to admins when a member leaves the server, standup bot command configs)
  • UX improvements (Onboarding experience, contributor flow, channel structure, embed messages and info, pinned messages)
  • Comms (Announcements, pinned messages, live help, follow up with requests and DMs for task priorization)


  • Several calls and iterations while preparing the deck, providing feedback, redesigning slides, adding narrative.
  • Calls, pitches and conversations with ZeePrime, Whitestar, 1kx, Coinfund, Hypersphere, etc
  • Maintaining the CRM updated, and adding both comments and feedback notes for each individual
  • update funder CRM
  • deck updates: milestone slide, team page, vesting, raise
  • research funders


  • dOrg Unconference workshop: “How to grow the polywrap community?”
  • Brunch with Rarestone
  • Explaining Polywrap IRL to potential angels and community contributors
  • IOSG, Hypersphere, 1kx, Rarestone


  • update DAO repo
  • rewrite video script
  • multisig transactions
  • gather hours
  • comms
  • complete august proposals
  • post september proposals
  • voiceover for promo vid


  • Atka Call
  • Ops Sync
  • Ascensive Assets Call
  • Faculty Call
  • Raise Sync
  • Rarestone Sync
  • Ops Sync
  • ZeePrime Call
  • Ops Sync
  • LDV Capital Call
  • ZeePrime Sync
  • Nascent Sync
  • 1kx Call
  • WhiteStar Call
  • Hypersphere Call
  • IOSG Call
  • Ops Sync
  • Compound Call

Detailed worklog by each builder