2021-09 - Grant Proposal - dOrg Design

dOrg Design Team

Requested Grant:

Wallet Stable Coins WRAP Hours Rate / Hr. Period
0x09b0d46189d3f94e692c1ccaafa071a199687b7c 1,011.11 30.8875 38.75 varies by person Sept 2021

*Note: Roberto’s level option changed this period, but didn’t make it into this post: for next month, a correction of -$1,011.11 and +9.8 WRAP will be added to square the accounting.


To be posted


Contributor log


  • doc revamp coordination/syncs
  • documentation style update
  • documentation showcase implementation
  • landing page various, small updates


  • Writing/polishing/improving the script
  • Coordinating with the vide production agency working on the Polywrap explainer video, and also providing feedback to voiceover + music artists.


  • Landing page (Feedback on UI, updating copy of hub section, polishing details)
  • Design (Banners within the Polywrap figma to be used in blog posts, discord messages, and the deck)
  • Promoting on Twitter, telegram communities, and other discord channels.

Detailed worklog by each builder